Thought Muscles

It’s the Real Deal now!

Up ’till now, we will call…my practice blog. It was the flexing of the “Interesting Thought Muscles”. Surely, in time, I will grow ashamed of that weak first attempt, and amaze everyone with my witticism. Now that I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, I already feel smarter and more sophisticated. It’ll just keep getting better (no that is not a promise).

WordPress has many highlights that make it easier than Blogger, and more professional too. We’ll get to know each other better. And fall in love.



Not sure if anyone out there has a riot of a hairdresser like mine, but Friday while I was there inhaling bleach through hair follicles, she showed me her secret stash of magazines that no one else but her clients get to view. Much better than Teen Vogue.

BPM is this amazing mess of a magazine that covers music and life and stuff. I’ve never wanted to steal anything and rush to a computer and search everything so bad. I’m pretty sure once I’m done researching everything I didn’t know about, I’ll be like 15% cooler. I learned more in that hair appointment than, like, in the last week.

***Did I just say like in a blog? Who types that? Whatever.***
Everything from electrocore to Danny Masterson to the nightlife in Israel was discussed. I’m subscribing in another browser window now.

bpm mag

Tanning Is So Superficial…

Unless you’re on a mission. We need to look our best for the Young Execs Charity Event, so the right thing to do is rent a boat and lay in the sun all. day. long. The little boat did not want to anchor, I don’t think that the Lake Travis water could be any lower…but that really doesn’t concern me. In fact, I learned that when the boat moves, you don’t have to. Very even tan.

nice wakeboard boat


It’s about time!

After the very first time I walked on the UT campus, I wondered why I hadn’t seen the school on the top of the “Best Party School” list. I’m so sure that the four year legacy of partying I left help bump it to #1. 😉 That’s my school. Yeehaw!

ut tower lit

No McNuggets?

vitamins are delicious

From my favorite comic, Toothpaste for Dinner.

That about sums it up.

You want to be healthy if you’re trying to become a world famous writer. And hot and skinny. This weekend Snippy reminded me about the importance of protein and vitamins. I accordingly went to Costco and bought approximately 12 lbs. of chicken for us and then took my horse pills. I wish we could substitute McNuggets and chewy Flinstones, but apparently for things to work and for you to be healthy everything must taste like crap or at least be too big to swallow.

And make your pee neon yellow.

Somebody Bumped Their Head…

So I spent the last few days on a trip for work. Albuquerque and Santa Fe were beautiful. What’s not to love about 30 degrees cooler than Texas? However, I still managed to mess up my trip by fainting and cracking my head open on a granite counter top. I was in the bathroom, after my shower, and the toothpaste isn’t talkin’, so we’ll never know what really happened there.

The first night I got in, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Sadie’s that had suspiciously clear Mexican Martinis that were heaven. (Dare I say better than Trudy’s? Why yes, yes I do!) The meal even CAME with complimentary sopapillas. (shame on me!)

The next night we drove about an hour to Santa Fe – worth it, Albuquerque isn’t all that happenin’…it was incredible. The views were really breathtaking, I haven’t used that term and meant it this much ever!