Aziz Ansari Kayaking Commercial

What is it about this that cracks me up every single time?

Maybe it’s how the store has a very REI look. Maybe it’s the disdain of the store employee…felt that glare before? Because you are not an expert already? The fact that that’s how I’d look kayaking?

Probably all those things and more. Great ad.


The Great Pop Culture Debate

While we were strategically planning our entry for the Ski Utah video contest (still waiting to hear back after making the top five) I put a bunch of ideas out on Facebook to try to see where our efforts would best pay off. Everyone liked the Old Spice commercial idea, and everyone denied knowing who Ke$ha was, even though I had a great song to the tune of “Tik Tok” all planned out… “Wake up in the morning/with hair like Glen Plake/There’s a smile on your face/when you see that first snow flake” or something like that.

So we went Old Spice. I totally stand by my video and had a blast making it something that really stood out from the competition. With this blog, and being slightly involved in Facebook, more so with Twitter, I am able to keep up with the world around me. I wouldn’t have known about the Old Spice campaign without Twitter, and have had to show that video to some friends/family before showing them mine.

It’s a big huge world and it’s hard to decide what is important. So many of my friends are pop culture junkies and seem to find the time to know something about everything. Then there are a few of you that make it a point to not be addicted. Your stories are still interesting when you DO know about something though, because you know it more in-depth. The nerves I get about potentially blogging about skiing totally relate to the fact that MAN there are a lot of ways you could go. Gear, mountains, traveling, food, drinks, nightlife, powder conditions, movies, ski news, famous skiers…

Included with this cultural exploration I’m making is the fact that I’ve gone back and forth over the last five years with and without cable. I feel it’s every Americans right to wind down after a hard day at work with some really guilty pleasure crap TV.

I feel a little out of touch! I was super super sick today and I stayed in bed and caught up on some fall premieres that I’d missed with the whole no cable and being on vacation. I miss TV already. So much can be seen online, whole seasons on Netflix even, but as Dadd pointed out, it’s hard to start a conversation like “Have you seen the Sopranos?” when it is no longer culturally relevant. It’s easy in this day and age to miss something if you wait a minute.

What do YOU choose to keep up with? I don’t know who’s been kicked off Dancing with the Stars. And my heart is still beating and I have other things to do. But I am a little curious…

Books Into Movies

We just started watching all the Harry Potter movies, since I finished reading all the books. Not sure if it’s because they are old of because I am, but they are pretty cheesy. Overall though, I enjoy things that match up to how I imagined them, and seeing MK watch them without having read the books.

The other books I’ve just finished reading and been a little obsessed with are The Millennium Trilogy, the novels by Stieg Larsson. We just watched the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. I loved it. They’ve recently cast an American version of the film and I don’t really know anyone besides Robin Wright. I hope the movie can do the book justice!

What is you FAVORITE book they made into a movie situation?


Every one in the airport was reading Eat Pray Love so I figured it had to be worth checking out. I read it and thought it was really dumb. The kind of mid life old lady eat to figure out what’s wrong sob story. I also knew about 100 people I thought could have done a better job given the same opportunity.

I went and saw the movie anyway. And I don’t even know how I feel deep down inside about Julia Roberts. I’m not one of those girls that watched Pretty Woman when she’s PMS’ing or anything. The movie was awful. Proves there wasn’t much to work with in my opinion. It hurt my brain. DId anyone like it? Why?

Food, Inc.

Wanna lose ten pounds? Watch Food, Inc. We’re going to go broke shopping at Whole Foods but at least it won’t kill us. We watched the movie about a month ago and can’t look at food the same way. We haven’t really been out to eat. We haven’t been able to buy anything that has too many strange unpronounceable ingredients. There is more fruit in this house than ever before. It was hard to break up with Pop Tarts so quickly but a healthy breakfast is so much more filling.

The meat has to say grass fed. The eggs have to tell me that the chickens aren’t all sad and gross like the movie showed. Ugh.  I watched the movie again with JB and she taught me a lot about food and healthy eating, and the better choices that we’re making have already gone a long way. We’ve noticed that we feel better, and I have lost a ton of weight. Seriously. 

It probably mostly has to do with the skiing and the shoveling and the snow blowing, but my mindset has also permanently changed. It was a hard movie to sit through, and I agree to some extent with TB that there are some things we’re better off not knowing. But there are other things I’m happy to know, and to try and help, trust me, we’ll be shopping at the Farmer’s Market more and more!

Everyone Loves A Good Open Bar

Our Friday night out last weekend for Sundance wasn’t much, it was late when we got to the St. Regis and the bar there closes early. We met our new friends BK and JK and some company they had visiting, drove down Main Street, and decided to try our luck again the next night.

Saturday we got stuck running late for our cab pickup, so we figured he left us and we hopped on the bus. It was a great decision not to drive because the snow was really coming down. We went to the Spur and happened upon a locals discount and a really loud band. JK’s visiting buddy disappeared and returned frantically waving at all of us to find the back side of the bar, a room I wasn’t even aware of. There was a party hosted by someone (Yahoo?) that no one was at. The one lonely guy invited us all in. Then left. We took over and made ourselves at home. It was perfect because some of the girls hadn’t eaten, and hello, all the food and drinks were free.

All our group.

All mine.

As fun as it is to live like a VIP we wanted to run around and see what was happening. Another bar party, a takeover called Crown on Main, was 850$ for the weekend. So I hadn’t even considered it. Until the door guy waved us in. So we had a drink there too.

We stopped at a coffee shop for Mr. MK and decided our next action plan, as fun as the free stuff was the music from both places had really hurt our ears. The Stanfield Artist Lounge was supposed to be where the good stuff was, so we headed there next. We were badgeless, wristbandless, and not going to pay to get in. We waited in the line figuring since we’d had such luck so far, we could talk our way in.

Then we noticed the reality of the situation. Anyone could get in for free. The ‘out’ door was closer to the line than the ‘in’ door, and people were just wandering right in. *shrug* We had to try it. We got in and up to the bar when a big dude asked to see our wristbands, as they had finally become aware of the flaw in their door system. I still had my coat and gloves so I fumbled around as we made our way out the door to safety. That was close. At least we got in long enough to see we weren’t missing anything, it wasn’t much of a party.

So we got a ride to our car from a sweet guy that didn’t know what he was getting into. The roads had not been plowed and the highway was just stopped. We were stuck for about 30 minutes, then had our own drive to our place to contend with, which was the craziest thing we’ve ever done. I didn’t want to scare my Mom with this one. We almost didn’t make it. But, we did.

Through this:

It was a super fun Sundance weekend considering we didn’t plan anything. MK even saw a movie, thanks to BK.

Of Critical Import

There is nothing more All-American, more important to core values, more integral to society as a whole and the happiness of the nation – nothing more sacred than the right to be able to toss yourself on a couch, flip on a TV, and find an episode of “Law & Order”.

So explain to me why my go-to cable friends, TBS, USA – why are you supporting terrorism? Why are you changing up the system that has worked so well for everyone for so long? Why would you show me “Bones” or “NCIS“? I don’t understand. And now you tell me you’re bringing me “CSI:NY“? You can’t be serious. That’s what Spike is for.

I mean, good thing there is a beach outside and I don’t have all theat much time for TV these days, or I’d totally lose it. There’s something so comforting about the background noise of Lenny Briscoe and Jack McCoy that make up part of who I am, and that part is missing these days. I’m going to go scour Netflix for seasons I haven’t seen – you let me know when it’s safe to turn on the TV again.

Go shopping for me if you like: The Law and Order Store

Your First Glimpse – Sundance 2009

We saw Robert Redford last night. And a lot of setting up.

sundance 2009

Click to enlarge!

Worthwhile reading: Celebs with High Stakes this Sundance.

(aka – People we’ll be stalking for you.)

And one more – actually intelligent Sundance reporting.

(aka- if you’re interested or ended up here by accident and are looking for real info.)


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