Helping You Helped Me

A friend is going to New Zealand! How cool is that? In the wake of the earthquake I see her volunteering more than sightseeing, but that will still be a rewarding trip.

I got to reread all those blog posts – and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since that incredible trip. It was really fun to sit, reread, and remember.

So, thanks, friend. I wrote all that so I would remember, but what makes you have the time to sit around reading about yourself? I’m glad I did and was able to enjoy my trip all over again. Although seeing the cathedral that I saw in Christchurch ruined from the quake was so sad, most of the memories are crazy happy ones. Made my day.



Catch Up

So I’m sitting in the basement, listening to this free SXSW music channel thinking about the past few weeks – and cracking up about poor KD today.

  1. I’m so pumped about SXSW. Might be the only thing I like more than skiing.
  2. Why can’t free stuff be good? I can’t skip the songs I’d never go see in a million years.
  3. I called, texted, emailed, and retexted KD FROM A CHAIRLIFT this AM to ensure myself a SXSW wristband.

KD told me she ran out of something probably a little important (reason why I hide names here LOL) to get us two coveted wristbands to enjoy music for the week of SXSW. Yay!


  • JC took off (boo, see you soon!) and it was back to what 2011 has been all about – skiing. I must have skied more days this season than in the last two put together, already. But that’s awesome. Wouldn’t have it any other way. NDL and JS were great company, reminding me that I have the GREATEST friends that are SO FUN and full of LOVE.
  • Ski Utah asked me back! That’s right. I think I can announce they actually like me, thanks to all of you that read and comment, enough to let me stay blogging for next year too! I couldn’t be happier.
  • Let’s see, what else…we went snow-shoeing! It was the greatest, which sucks because 1.all I need is another expensive winter hobby (things are like 300$!) and I’m hooked on the idea of back country skiing (also $$$). But hey, it was bound to happen (I’d been fighting it) and that’s why we live here right!??!

I sure don’t want to jinx it, but 2011 is starting out being totally incredible. It might not seem like much when you write it all down to share, but it’s been better than I’d ever dreamed for us. I feel so blessed and hope that each and everyone of you wondering why I’m not calling is now all caught up and is also having a great year!!

Good Times!


I thought I was good at company. But here’s some problems I’ve been having:

  • I stock the fridge with a crap ton of food. It’s not enough.
  • I get tired!
  • I can’t decide if you want to be woken up stupid early to ski or if I should let you sleep in.
  • There’s too much catching up to do.
  • We don’t have TV.
  • I have the heat on like 79 degrees just in case you’re not warm.

I’m sure there’s more. Suggestions?

Happy Birthday

What a great day! A little snow, a little work, a lot of fun, friends, food and partying. Can’t believe I’m “working” right now, trying to wow Ski Utah with videos on par with my original…

But I did get to enjoy some sushi, basically my only goal for the day. Good times. Last night we were out at midnight, I’m not too old yet! My phone battery died twice with all the notifications and texts from all my lovely friends. Feeling pretty good!

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Sweet Caroline

This is a Neil Diamond cover band.

This is my girlfriend, named Caroline, that has had a love/hate relationship with said song for as long as she can remember.

It was fitting the band was playing Piper Down on her birthday, and that’s where we were. We had a great night with¬† CM and her husband BM, who also celebrated his birthday this year at Piper Down. It’s also the bar we’ve been playing pub trivia at on Wednesdays…

Park Silly Market

Every¬†Sunday in the spring and summer, Main Street hosts a little street fair with vendors and kids activities, food and shopping. The first Sunday also happened to be SB’s 4th birthday, and we got to go to the Market and celebrate her birthday with the family. She bought her own presents¬†with a gift card and¬†got a free fairy costume.¬†It also happened to be about 40 outside. Brr. For the last three weeks, it’s been warm¬†in the high¬†70s with one day in the week¬†day that is ice cold.

The second Sunday was Father’s Day, and we got to join the B’s again, for lunch at Wasatch Brew Pub, a stroll down Main, and SB’s first pair of flip flops!¬†We also had¬†cake and wine after to celebrate TB’s birthday and BB’s first 2 kid Father’s Day. The B’s have a busy June!

Here’s a whole album of photos from the weekends.¬†Turn around time is so much better when I’m taking the pictures!

The Point

Of course the very first thing Momm¬†asked last night is why I was bothering to waste words on this topic. I told her it happened, I think and feel things about it, and it’s cathartic¬†to have this space to get out those feelings and thoughts.¬†I mentioned it to MK, and he agreed with Momm. Apparently he wants me to blog about current events and real issues. But wait! I assured them both this was current and an issue.

My point for telling the story was so that you could help me out. The thing is, I am friends with quite a few people. And I’m in the middle of making a whole new set of friends, in my new home. I want to be the best person I can and put¬†my best foot forward. I feel like right now I can’t do that unless I clean up my past. I remain in touch with so many people. I go to places they all are often. I meet up with them. I might even try to avoid them, only to run in to them since they are all friends with other friends. I embrace my past and love my friends, but I honestly do a kind of crappy job keeping in touch sometimes.¬†It’s hard to call if you haven’t got something new and interesting, and you’re worried about old stuff being brought up.

Point is, the last 100,000 times that I’ve seen anyone that knows the story I told you, they bring it up. “Have you heard from DH?” “What ever happened to DH?” and if you follow my Twitter (you must, it’s on the right of this page over there) you know that it’s been four years. Four years and, what, six or seven addresses later? As if I’m going to ever ask anyone or look around or hear about her. I don’t want to. This is me moving on.

But these friends of mine, and I do believe they are good friends, always bring it up. I feel like asking them how they felt when their dog died or their neighbor got cancer. It’s just not appropriate. So blog buddies, how do I get over this? I thought maybe sharing the story with you might help me get over it. And it did. It’s something that happened to me though, it doesn’t just go away. So how do I ever convince these people to help me make it go away? I don’t want crap like this on my mind as I go out in the world meeting new people. It¬†creates unwarranted¬†misgivings. I want to get this old stuff off my mind, and open it to new people without worrying theyd hurt me in any similar way.

Don’t Stop

The party continued after dropping the last of our family off at the airport. We hopped in the car after a big cheap Vegas lunch and headed to California.

I think I am still a little CA at heart. MK woke me up from my road nap – seriously, my family didn’t sleep – about 45 minutes out of San Diego. My heart swelled with all the excitement of seeing all the people and places I’d been missing.

We got all set up with the super awesome newlywed B’s. We got in just in time for Taco Tuesday with MR and my brother – seriously, he drove overnight from Vegas and went to work and still came to meet us, my family is crazy – and it was like we never left. I was beyond happy. We ran around seeing friends and eating yummy food all week.

We were there for the Hash, our running club, Red Dress Run. We also played volleyball Thursday and ran the Pink Dress Run on Friday. Down time? What’s that? Three crazy fun days and long nights later it was Red Dress time. My brother joined us, and it was so fun buying him a dress. A couple years back he might punch a guy in a dress, now he gets the funny of it all. I love him for that.

JB and I got all cancan costumed up, got the guys ready, and we headed out. The run was a riot. Smaller than the last two years but just as silly! We said some more hellos and some goodbyes at the Wavehouse on Sunday, and MK had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming.

I mean, our hosts were awesome. Awesome cooks, awesome bartenders. JB let me make soaps with her. And they have a remote with a touchscreen. I wanted to stay forever!

Cinco de Mayo, 2010

At around three, after painting the living room ceiling (oh yeah, we’re still working on the house if you were wondering) I went over to the B’s and babysat SB while TB and BB packed up and shipped off to the hospital, for T’s full term and ‘maybe baby’ appointment.

The lil man wasn’t ready yet, so they came home to chill, and MK and I got to play pretend house with SB. We took her out bowling, and like the pro that she is, she beat my score. They should have let me use the bumpers. We made a pit stop at the grocery store since we are totally unprepared for children – like, it was surreal having a car seat in my rear view mirror – and got some mac and cheese.

Dinner party at my house was fun. We played in the snow, played on the Wii, ate our macaroni, and had yummy cake-like bakery cookies for dessert. Meanwhile (it’s a shame she isn’t writing this blog post with her side of the story) TB did in fact go into labor, the super rad kind where you drive to the hospital and you’re ¬†in such a hurry and the baby is ready and you leave the car IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING… she had RLB about 10 minutes later. I took SB home and readied her for bed, BB tucked her in, went back to the hospital, and relieved me a few hours later.

All our congrats and lots of love to a family I love as much as my own, the lil man is super handsome, and everyone is doing great. Yay! Can’t wait for the now-a-family-of-four to share many amazing and thrilling moments with us as they settle in.