Becoming Utahn: Story One

Utah is a funny place, make no doubt about it. After living in Seattle, San Diego, and Austin, well, Park City is special. I love my home town, it’s the cool hip island in an ocean of FUNERAL POTATOES – much like Austin was the trendy surrounded by the redneck. I’m not going to tell you all that I’ve learned about the state, the idea you have in your head is pretty close.

What I will share with you this week (while I’m on vacation!!!!) are some things I’ve noticed about ME here. Your location undoubtedly changes you, I’m proof.

How I Know I’m Becoming A Utahn

  • I’m feeling leggy.

I’m 5’2″. On a good day. And it snows a lot here. I’ve spent the whole winter getting used to the idea that I’m a short bundle of nerves and giggles that most people think might be a little person. Snow boots are not slimming, and they don’t have heels.

So the other day, when it was warm and sunny in the valley and I was going out to meet some friends, I put on HEELS. Skinny jeans and some of my highest heels. Well, to tell you the truth, I put boots on at my house and changed in to my heels after I got away from Park City.

I ran into the Mall to get something (read more about that tomorrow) and walking back to the car I felt like a hussy. I’m almost positive I got some weird looks from Mormon mommies in track suits. I looked down and my tight jeans and sky high heels and then caught my reflection in my car, which was clean for the first time all winter…and I saw this tall crazy lady leering back at me.

I almost changed. But since I wasn’t really going any place special, I went with it. I was in a T shirt, for crying out loud. If I had put the boots back on, they would all KNOW I was from up the mountains, and I decided that bugged me more than looking like a giant. I reminded myself I was normal at 5’7″ with the heels and rocked them until the wee hours of the morning. And woke up with feet cramps…


3 thoughts on “Becoming Utahn: Story One

  1. I doubt it was the heels that elicited the looks… it was probably the enviably flat tummy and noticeable presence of a waistline (and absence of babe in arms) that did it. 🙂

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