Snow Memes

Just a few of my favorites while I’ve got snow on the brain. Storm Brutus showed up this morning and it hasn’t stopped snowing yet! Good news for resorts that are planning to open in the coming weeks.









You have any other good ones?



When I like something, I like it too much. I tell 6000 people it’s my favorite. Here are my current favorites:

*Pocket – This app is the instapaper plus for Android. I love it for my phone, computer, and the Chrome app that syncs it with my Twitter feed. I love the “read it later” idea – you scan when you have a second and go back for more when you have the time. Can’t think of anything else I need to claim my new Samsung Galaxy is just as rad (way radder, let’s be real) as an iPhone.

*The new – Linking through has become more than just a short Twitter sharing method. It’s brilliant. I feel so powerful knowing who is actually clicking through on links I post. And if I want to reread something it’s saved on a page with the stats.

*Game of Thrones – I don’t have cable, but just started reading the first book. It is enthralling. Feels good to be using my Kindle again.

*The new Passion Pit – I’m not good at music suggestions the way other people are. I am convinced I listen to the best music in the world no matter the genre. But right now, since Passion Pit is coming August 9th to Twilight Concert Series, I thought I’d share a whole album before you can buy it – NPR is awesome for doing that.

Is there something that you are hopelessly in love with lately? Let me know! Recommendations and blog comments are more of my favorites.

A fun photo to share – the sunset from my house last week.

Don’t Forget

It’s been a wild half year. I joke that hitting the BIG 3-ohh has added to my wisdom and brilliance, but let’s be real. I feel like the same nervous awkward chick I’ve been since college.

I will run around trying new things, but I’m constantly worried if I’m successful enough. I write articles I stay up at night fearing people will hate, and I get stressed if my Mom doesn’t call every day. I’m always meeting new people and worrying if they like me, wondering if I said the right/wrong thing, hoping everyone got my Twitter jokes.

Trying to be a grown up is silly. So I’m working on just being. And being awesome.

Being “yourself” is a funny concept. Accepting that I probably think about it more than maybe anyone else is part of the reality, I guess. How much do you wonder about what others think? Does your own voice get lost in people pleasing? Trying to be something you aren’t? It might distract you FROM AWESOME.

Whether you are the highest form of “got your self figured out” or are just gazing at the path to an end goal, Don’t Forget to be Awesome.

Sometimes I like Pinterest. And I like short, sweet inspiring quotes. Two things I might have just lost some of you admitting. But every once it a while, I find it totally uplifting to read some of these quotes I’ve bookmarked. It’s a good reminder – we are all on a journey. They are all different, but all intertwined. While you are figuring you out, don’t forget to be awesome.

Girly Spice

My hairdresser is wonderful.

I loved this sideways french braid that she (MB) showed me a while back.

Then today, I got to try this braid, that someone else found on the internet and tweeted. Look at all the social media work for a hairstyle!

I know some of you aren’t in love with my two tone hair – and I admit it even bugs me anywhere that isn’t Park City (SLC)…

but I think it looks great with this waterfall braid style!

Her husband has been calling me Sporty Spice – I’ve been out rock climbing and playing volleyball with them, and he is more used to me in heels and dresses.

I try to balance both, so there’s the girly stuff, stay tuned for the adventure blogs!

Newest Idea

Some of you don’t love when I just repost links, but buzzfeed has assembled a list of the 35 most ridiculous Sky Mall Items


It is funny to me since I own one of these items – no it’s not the wine glass necklace, although I think that’s genius.

I think I should buy all 35 and put them around the house. Maybe it’d get me on the Today Show…

How about you? One on there you would totally buy? Already have?

Young House Love

Have you seen this blog? Have you read and reread this entire blog? I can’t do anything to our house because I’m too busy reading about theirs! And their wedding, and their baby…

Snippy introduced us all here in the comments, but in case you weren’t checking them out, I wanted to share with you the magic of this blog. You see, our house is old. I think I’ve mentioned that. But it has good bones. Drafty bones, but good bones. It was the first house I looked at and saw tons of potential. And we looked at so many houses. Ask Snippy. In Austin, things were different at the time and our price range, well, we virtually didn’t have one. Remember – banks were giving you all the money you wanted. Thankfully, we didn’t go that route. We put our stuff in storage and moved around for three amazing years. But we still looked at houses. New and old, big and small, ocean front and ski town. All that looking told me was that I wanted a house the made people happy to be in. Not uncomfortable, not anxious.

It took me until now to learn that almost has nothing to do with the house, and everything to do with what you do to the house. And that it doesn’t have to cost much at all. With each new shade of paint of decorative pillow, I’m making the house me (okay, us). And it can be fun. I apologize for complaining and relating a trip to Lowe’s to a root canal. This house is a blessing and not only can we take care of it, we can help it put it’s best foot forward. The plans will be fun. The ‘as is’ is temporary, and neither a budget nor a nail gun can stand in our way. We can do it!

Creative Lovelies

My good friend JC (who got married this weekend, and is now JB!!!) had me over last week to teach me how to make soaps. She’s been running a small business for a while, doing beautiful custom designs (my favorites are the soaps with a loofah INSIDE and the rubber duckie ‘on the water’). I was amazed by her hobby and curious to learn the process.

It was, of course, way over my head. The mixology of color, scent, and shape is an art! There were neat iridescent soaps, clear, and opaque soaps. There were soaps for every occasion, every gift basket, every room in the house.

Here’s a picture of the soaps that we she made:


It’s a camera phone picture, so it’s a little blurry, but we she made shimmery gold flowers, and a bunch of different bar designs. In the back was a half loofah/half soap idea she’s considering. The heart was my experiment – TB gets points for showing me the wonders of Press and Seal.

My main concern was that I don’t use soap that often, I’m a body wash girl. But we got some to take home and try, and the glycerin that she uses is smooth and soft. I was totally surprised. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas…

Since I’m not just telling you how unskilled I am, and I am suggesting you try some soap…

here’s the Creative Lovelies website.

She also has an etsy store link that will be up and running after the honeymoon! 🙂

Bookmark and go back to often!