Food, Inc.

Wanna lose ten pounds? Watch Food, Inc. We’re going to go broke shopping at Whole Foods but at least it won’t kill us. We watched the movie about a month ago and can’t look at food the same way. We haven’t really been out to eat. We haven’t been able to buy anything that has too many strange unpronounceable ingredients. There is more fruit in this house than ever before. It was hard to break up with Pop Tarts so quickly but a healthy breakfast is so much more filling.

The meat has to say grass fed. The eggs have to tell me that the chickens aren’t all sad and gross like the movie showed. Ugh.  I watched the movie again with JB and she taught me a lot about food and healthy eating, and the better choices that we’re making have already gone a long way. We’ve noticed that we feel better, and I have lost a ton of weight. Seriously. 

It probably mostly has to do with the skiing and the shoveling and the snow blowing, but my mindset has also permanently changed. It was a hard movie to sit through, and I agree to some extent with TB that there are some things we’re better off not knowing. But there are other things I’m happy to know, and to try and help, trust me, we’ll be shopping at the Farmer’s Market more and more!


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