The brother has taught me the very simple term that programmers and internet lovers everywhere make jokes with when someone messes up. “Fail.” That’s it.

There are quite a few things I’ve been failing lately (the usual) , and some I can even forecast:

  • This Blog. I know. Not as quality as it used to be. The no comments is a sign. My less frequent posting is a problem. I’m trying, but life is so random these days.
  • Working Out. Haven’t been in the gym since NYE, and the weights at home aren’t cutting it. The vacations are slowing down my running, since I’m so tired when we get home.
  • Dieting. I have been eating nothing but crap since January too. I don’t even enjoy it. I blame the company and vacations again.
  • Writing. I should do some.
  • Upcoming: No partying until SXSW. We are going skiing again the whole week before I get to Austin. And my drinking buddy and I aren’t going to be able to turn that switch off, not what with the Stella’s calling our names and all.
  • Upcoming: A schedule. We still haven’t made any plans further than one month from now about what to do with ourselves come our next lease being up. Here’s to being spontaneous.
  • Ongoing: Family. As much as I like to talk, I haven’t done any with relations that aren’t visiting me. Shame on me.

Someone needs some help turning this ship around. It’s getting old. Well, on the other hand I’m having the time of my life going out and partying and making friends. I kind of like being lazy. And I AM good at it. Hmm.


12 thoughts on “Fail

  1. Huh. I guess we could pretend to be pregnant and spend our Stella $$ on massages and other fun stuff.

    HA! Right. Get here already!

  2. I still read you. I keep you in my nice shiny google reader. I don’t comment because my stupid work is all crazy and stuff.

    But, I agree with Jayne, keep enjoying your life. There will be “fails”, and there will be “big wins”. Good luck on both.

  3. Owned. 😛

    (For what it’s worth, WordPress just told me that I’m posting comments too quickly. Talk about self-ownage.)

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