Crazy Octogenarian Antics

With the recent popularity (for swearing?) of old people on TV (Dancing with the Stars was headline news yesterday) I figured a great topic of conversation today would be old people.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a senior citizen do?

Remember, I live amongst most of them. I mean, La Jolla is a prime old people watching place. A common quote from either husband or I on any given day could be “Gosh I hope we’re not like that” or “Look how cute they are holding each other up so they can shuffle” or “Holy crap if I turn into that swear you’ll suffocate me with the pillow”.

These people aren’t like my grandparents. My grandparents are young, for one thing, well taken care of, and hilarious. Old people around here are a little fuzzy, a little lost, and a little forsaken. I can’t get over that last one considering the cost of living around here, but you never see these people with any family! The old people I observe are categorically the worst drivers in America. They are crotchety. They cough all over you. They can be rather rude. I don’t think my grandparents have been rude to anyone in their lives. Their long, long lives. 😉

So today I cracked up as I saw this one guy, at least 70, walking through the store chugging a Monster energy drink. How many jokes can you make?

  • Is he drinking it just to stay alive?
  • Does he drink it when his heart stops?
  • Does it help him remember his name?

I’m terrible.


5 thoughts on “Crazy Octogenarian Antics

  1. craziest thing…this old lady asks if i could help push her wheelchair across the street. of course i say yes. she proceeds to protest at the speed of which i am pushing her. so i leave her in the middle of the street to possibly get hit by oncoming vehicle.

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