The Great Pop Culture Debate

While we were strategically planning our entry for the Ski Utah video contest (still waiting to hear back after making the top five) I put a bunch of ideas out on Facebook to try to see where our efforts would best pay off. Everyone liked the Old Spice commercial idea, and everyone denied knowing who Ke$ha was, even though I had a great song to the tune of “Tik Tok” all planned out… “Wake up in the morning/with hair like Glen Plake/There’s a smile on your face/when you see that first snow flake” or something like that.

So we went Old Spice. I totally stand by my video and had a blast making it something that really stood out from the competition. With this blog, and being slightly involved in Facebook, more so with Twitter, I am able to keep up with the world around me. I wouldn’t have known about the Old Spice campaign without Twitter, and have had to show that video to some friends/family before showing them mine.

It’s a big huge world and it’s hard to decide what is important. So many of my friends are pop culture junkies and seem to find the time to know something about everything. Then there are a few of you that make it a point to not be addicted. Your stories are still interesting when you DO know about something though, because you know it more in-depth. The nerves I get about potentially blogging about skiing totally relate to the fact that MAN there are a lot of ways you could go. Gear, mountains, traveling, food, drinks, nightlife, powder conditions, movies, ski news, famous skiers…

Included with this cultural exploration I’m making is the fact that I’ve gone back and forth over the last five years with and without cable. I feel it’s every Americans right to wind down after a hard day at work with some really guilty pleasure crap TV.

I feel a little out of touch! I was super super sick today and I stayed in bed and caught up on some fall premieres that I’d missed with the whole no cable and being on vacation. I miss TV already. So much can be seen online, whole seasons on Netflix even, but as Dadd pointed out, it’s hard to start a conversation like “Have you seen the Sopranos?” when it is no longer culturally relevant. It’s easy in this day and age to miss something if you wait a minute.

What do YOU choose to keep up with? I don’t know who’s been kicked off Dancing with the Stars. And my heart is still beating and I have other things to do. But I am a little curious…


5 thoughts on “The Great Pop Culture Debate

  1. Want reality? Get a dog. Nothing brings you back to earth or gets you closer than caring for and sharing another living/loving being. Best thing I’ve done in years.

  2. I watch a lot less TV now than I used to. And I feel it’s a good thing. If I’m saying that, then no one has an excuse.

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