Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational

Holy forever ago, this was Jan. 15th!

The night after The Bravery concert I mentioned here. If you recall, I was too worked up about something else to even tell you about our night. It happens.

We were running late due to house work, and only made it to the tail end of the women’s finals and got to see the men’s finals and the fireworks. But it was worth the hike up the hill. It was packed but we found a spot on the far right and got a great view. They had a fun DJ and like I mentioned on Twitter, I’d go every night for fireworks at the resort, too cool! Kids and adults alike were running around and sliding down the hill.

MK took a ton of pictures, too many to post here, so here’s an album:

Click for the Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational Photos.


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