Get Motivated

So when we met up with MH she invited me to a seminar with motivational speakers she was going to for work. I had to say yes since I knew that MK thought I couldn’t get up that early the next morning after our crazy night out.

I really don’t think I have been up at 6am in four years. But I did it. And showered and was ready by 6:30.  I rule. I got a coffee in the car, and a water when we sat down. Energy Solutions Arena was packed. I got to hear Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Guliani, John Walsh, and Mitt Romney speak. It was interesting. As long as you take what you hear with a grain of salt, those things can serve the purpose of a little reminder to pump you up about life or work or whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.

On the other hand, the thing was super religious (perhaps because of where we were), super patriotic, and super sales pitchy. Fine for me, but I was hoping the other people there didn’t put all their eggs in the basket of the guy promising to make them rich with stock or real estate investments.

Also, in spite of Rudy Guliani telling people to get with it technologically, no one was tweeting. I kept checking searches to see what people were saying. Like I mentioned, there were tens of thousands of people there. I thought it was strange that there were maybe three people tweeting their thoughts. Totally gave MK proof it’s not as major a resource as I keep trying to tell him.

It was a big adventure for me to be out all day, people watching and remembering what it was like to be all done up in business attire. Reminded me of lots of good times in Austin. Almost made me want to get back to a career and busy business stuff. Almost. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Get Motivated

  1. It was, really. I didn’t mention just how bad the Utahns are, since I’m one of them, but there was hair it was hard to see over and some really retarded outfit choices to observe. Besides the sales/marketing crap, which I’m a pro at tuning out, there was a ton of quality people watching.
    Utah must sell more Aqua Net than any other place besides the Jersey Shore…

  2. it’s only Utah that’s full of techno-tards. there’s a ton of events here in SD with a live twitter feed being shown by a projector with all the tweets with a certain tag.

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