Jaunted Says It Best

I wanted to tell you about all the juicy excitement fueling the little town of Park City as the crazies of LA etc. head in to tear up Sundance. But living here feels different than when we visited here last year anxiously looking around the airport for celebrities.

This time around, who cares. The rented Escalades are in my way, on my birthday weekend. The people shopping at the outlets for sundresses make me laugh (albeit enviously…). So meh, Sundance. 600$ for tickets to movies I’m not sure I’ll like before I wait in line to get in, no thanks. And seriously – the main website, or any other digging I can do is not showing me anything about parties I can sneak in to. Come on. I learned from SXSW, I’ve got skill. Or not.

But instead of me complaining any more, I’ll let you read these survival tips – my fave: don’t come.


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