Celebrity Ski Fest at Canyons

This was basically my first time on the spot, live interviewing. It was wild and fun. I could do this more…I’m sure with experience you get more comfortable. The great part with someone like me, who does totally get a little star-struck, was just how nice everyone was. Super patient, kind, expecting the interview, and happy to say hi for the camera. I guess that is the job…

Fortunately for me, PCTV thinks I’m ok and I get to do some more filming this weekend! Looking forward to new adventures as the ski season comes to an end.


Utah Musts

Living here goes by fast. I promised Ski Utah I’d try things other than skiing – so far I’ve gotten up one hill with snow shoes on. Barely counts! Every morning I wake up and I’m pulled to another mountain, another challenge on my skis. Then you blink and the winter is over.

I was over here http://www.ginabegin.com/

and then found this:


A list of things to do. While I’ve tried most of the beers and all of the honorable mentions, I thought it was pretty funny skiing was the only thing I’d done on that list.


what is something from your HOME state that is sitting right there waiting for you to do that you haven’t?

Catch Up

So I’m sitting in the basement, listening to this free SXSW music channel thinking about the past few weeks – and cracking up about poor KD today.

  1. I’m so pumped about SXSW. Might be the only thing I like more than skiing.
  2. Why can’t free stuff be good? I can’t skip the songs I’d never go see in a million years.
  3. I called, texted, emailed, and retexted KD FROM A CHAIRLIFT this AM to ensure myself a SXSW wristband.

KD told me she ran out of something probably a little important (reason why I hide names here LOL) to get us two coveted wristbands to enjoy music for the week of SXSW. Yay!


  • JC took off (boo, see you soon!) and it was back to what 2011 has been all about – skiing. I must have skied more days this season than in the last two put together, already. But that’s awesome. Wouldn’t have it any other way. NDL and JS were great company, reminding me that I have the GREATEST friends that are SO FUN and full of LOVE.
  • Ski Utah asked me back! That’s right. I think I can announce they actually like me, thanks to all of you that read and comment, enough to let me stay blogging for next year too! I couldn’t be happier.
  • Let’s see, what else…we went snow-shoeing! It was the greatest, which sucks because 1.all I need is another expensive winter hobby (things are like 300$!) and 2.now I’m hooked on the idea of back country skiing (also $$$). But hey, it was bound to happen (I’d been fighting it) and that’s why we live here right!??!

I sure don’t want to jinx it, but 2011 is starting out being totally incredible. It might not seem like much when you write it all down to share, but it’s been better than I’d ever dreamed for us. I feel so blessed and hope that each and everyone of you wondering why I’m not calling is now all caught up and is also having a great year!!

Good Times!


Momm thinks it is really funny that bad snow year for UT means a year it doesn’t snow enough. Last year (09-10 season) wasn’t that great of a snow year. This year has been crazy. Good snow. Lots of snow.

I haven’t had time to stop and tell you about my holidays since our holidays were so snowy we skied, cleared snow, and slept. It was insane. It’s still everywhere. The mountains are amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better year to go out on a limb, enter, and win a contest where I ski for free all over. I mean, wow.

Every run I take is better than the last. I keep saying best day ever, and it is. Then I have another one. And it’s the best.

As a reminder if you want to see about all things skiing that I’ve written for Ski Utah you can look here.

To The Masses

Sitting around here is a bunch of my thoughts and life stories I’d chosen to share with my family and friends. If you google “pumpkin” you might find my Halloween post and glance at it, but I never worried whether or not you’d come back.

This new ‘job’ of mine will only be a success if you find me and are struck by my wit and banter so much so that you come back over and over, increasing the traffic to the site. At least, that’s how I’d measure my success. Not sure if the metrics over there will even tell them it’s my hard work increasing site traffic. I have a few skit and post ideas I’m really excited about executing over the winter, and hope humor and my concept of ‘skiing for the average masses’ connects with readers and helps promote skiing in Utah.

I’m supposed to start with an about me, where I plan to stress that this skiing thing seemed totally inaccessible to me not all that long ago, and then BAM!, here I am now, writing to others to tell them how to break the wall of ‘brosef’ and let skiing come to them in a whole new way.

What I’m wondering is if I’ll see just how effective a blog can be to media and marketing. Why would anyone go to that site? Well, the weather reporting is the bomb. To me, if you live here or have internet access while you’re here skiing, the site tells you where you should be that morning. And that’s valuable. I hope to produce content that makes you just want to hear from me, I think that’s all I can do. Any one else think there’s more to it? Let me know…

Let The Wall Sitting Begin

There have been a few days of cold rain in Park City.

As much as I thought every little Tweet I started to get a month ago about minute amounts of snowfall at resorts all over the country was irritating, as soon as I drove to run errands and saw it was true in my OWN BACK YARD, I felt exhilarated. What was rain down low was a teensy bit of snow on the tops of Deer Valley, PCMR, and the Canyons. I started snapping pics and calling friends. (Don’t worry, no tweets from me about 5 minutes of white).

Then I had a meeting yesterday about what this whole Ski Utah blogger thing is going to entail. It’s meant to encompass and share this emotion that people in Park City, Salt Lake, and around other hills feel when the snow hints it’s almost time in Utah. That little flutter of my heart that had me trying on my new ski coat with my old pants, making sure my head didn’t outgrow my helmet, talking to MK about new boots and skis at the ski swap.

Movies start coming out, like Warren Miller’s Wintervention. We start inviting guests, reminding them to save up. Putting summer toys away and moving the winter stuff to the front. Stocking up the house and garage, bringing out the winter mats, getting the appointment for the snow tires. There is house stuff that still needs to get done before we start shoveling, but it’ll get done.

JK, of Ski Utah, mentioned now is the time she starts wearing her boots around the remind her feet what that immobility is all about. Me, I do wall sits. In heels. Back against the wall, counting first to 15, then to 30 seconds, reminding my thighs that they are going to cooperate and get me through any snow, any trail, any stunt I put them through. They are my weakest link, even weaker than my weak knees, since they support all of me, and just got used to the idea of being awesome last winter. Apparently yoga has helped and I’m feeling pretty good. Many skiers have told me there’s no good workout to get ready for skiing, and in some sense, until you click in for the first time, your body does forget a bit. But I’m thinking since this year is shaping up to best the best ever, I better be my best ever to give it all I can.

Oh, and I watch Ted Ligety work out, I’m sure that helps.