Three Days In

The first day we went out I made it down one green run twice. I had kind of forgotten how to ski like a rockstar. It was humbling and frustrating and a little funny. As a matter of fact, I fell down the very first moment as I was putting my skis on. It had me afraid it was going to be a long season.

But Sunday we went out and tried it again. And I got better. And more confident. And remembered what I think is the most important rule of skiing, it’s easier the faster you go. But something didn’t feel quite right, even though my legs weren’t completely worn out, I was more sore than I expected. Sore of the feet. My ski gear is all new this year, and I had a feeling the boots that I was so excited about were to blame. I did, however, get about 7 runs in – and a picture with Santa.


There was also a celebrity ski event going on that we tried to check out. I did my best and think I might have seen Dennis Quaid and Matthew Modine. But they were in ski gear, made it a little tricky. The event airs on CBS so we’ll see how I did. This is a pic of the tent they all hid in and up to the right the run they skied down. Rumor has it Heidi Klum fell and they made it easier.


So after taking Monday off to let the real snow accumulate, we headed out again today. MK had me rent a different boot, and it made all the difference. Not only did I ski the steepest blue, I almost murdered a few trees. Flying around like a nut makes you run in to things. It was a blast. I felt great and ready to ski every day. Even now I’m not all achy and stiff like usual. So sad to say it might be goodbye boots. And goodbye Christmas presents – new boots in the middle of winter are not cheap. I’m wondering if I should just suffer. I could always just cut my big toe off…


5 thoughts on “Three Days In

  1. Snowing in Austin? Surely Snippy lies?! Glad you are having fun despite the feet. I find that it’s always my feet that get the sorest – WHILE I’m in the boots. I just have a high arch. Sounds like your feet are just BIG.

  2. Oh, and judging by the pics from 07, I’m pretty sure you really DID see Matthew Modine. I wonder if the “band geek girl” from American Pie was there again this year? Oh, and Larry David too!

  3. It snowed in Austin. Seriously. It was 80 degrees in the afternoon, and by 10 pm it was snowing.

    I spend all night talking about skiing with my friends so I’m coming as soon as possible!

  4. I am trying to figure out if they can mess with the boots and make it work since otherwise I won’t be able to ski until I get new ones. I got three texts about the snow, it cracked me up.
    Snippy – you can make it snow on yours too.
    Sybo – thanks for that. My feet are not that big.
    Jamie – book the flight already!

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