Forever Ago

Way way back in the day there were all these things going on. I wasn’t able to tell you about all of them because of one man who was holding the photographic evidence of all the fun we’ve been having hostage. Without further ado:

  • Too many pictures of our big day sail. Really, I’m sorry – I was to lazy to pick the best ones. Make sure you read the captions so you know what you’re seeing.
  • I mentioned here what a party we had in LA. We didn’t have the camera much, and these pictures from the LA Museum of Art are probably all illegal, so don’t tell anyone.
  • We spent a day inland at the San Diego Zoo’s affiliated Wild Animal Park. It was too much fun, I think it’s even better than the zoo. Here are those pictures. Unfortunately the camera died before we were done, but we did at least get a picture of the lady, who seriously said the most insane things to herself/at us. “Don’t mess with Sicilians or bikers” “Watch that Scott Baio now” etc. We had to dodge her a bunch, she was on the same course as us. I have no idea what that was all about. I guess crazy ladies go to zoos too.
  • Wherein I tell you how little I know about golf by the captions of “golfer” under pictures of surely famous people I’m supposed to know about at the US Open. Oh well.
  • I also went to Vegas but my pictures are terrible. You’ll just have to believe me that it ruled.

Well, it takes a lot of effort to put all these little links in, so I’m expecting you to peruse and comment and enjoy and appreciate.



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