Birthday, Week One

Did you think I was kidding? Oh, no friends. When you turn this unexciting of an age and have nothing going on, you need to make your own party. This is a marathon. So my birthday (which was Monday) started last Thursday. I went shopping. At the outlets. And bought stuff. Shoes, a coat, a Coach purse (which I realized I had no need for and returned) and earrings and a headband. Really thrilling stuff. But it was fun just to be out. TB, current love of my life, took me out for Chinese. This will be a tradition.

Friday I skied with MK. It was a blast. I think this was when I figured it out. We came home and got ready for dinner, which we had at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet, courtesy of my loving mommy. Lest Buffet sound cheesy, make no mistake, I enjoyed more delicious five star cuisine than the previous “X” years of my life. 😉 And, dude, TB (reason for love-of-life status) picked out the most amazing present in the world for me, wait until you see it.

We last minute just had to run out for some drinks, TB (again, love of my life) calling out for shots. Yeehaw. We met some silly LA’ers and had a giant phony one-upping contest. Giggles and more shots. Celebrity hunting.

We totally got catcalled - which is awesome even if it's not your birthday!

We totally got catcalled - which is awesome even if it's not your birthday!

I had the funniest time the next morning – Saturday- feeling faintly hungover but somehow still on skis with TB. We were a sight. We also got to see (finally) someone famous here for Sundance. Kira fell right in front of me, and Kevin Bacon had to help her up. It kinda blew her cover. Sunday we skied with Bob. I had to show off. I totally came home and fell in to a coma. We went out for pizza (last junk food of the year…) at a new fantastic restaurant that we all loved. Thanks J!

Monday was this thing called my actual birthday. SKI BIRTHDAYS RULE! My legs were wiped out from the past two awesome days, but beer helped. TB and I were “first beer” at Empire Lodge. Quality. Then we went for round two at Silver Lake. By then, we were golden. I let go of trying to ‘do it right’ and just had fun. My mom AND DAD (MOSTLY DAD) sent me some beautiful flowers (MK got me some you can see in the background too):

mom's flowers

MK took me out for drinks and made me a cake. We really had a great night. Yesterday was all about running errands and cleaning – KD And JC get here today! Let Week Two festivities begin!

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7 thoughts on “Birthday, Week One

  1. I like Snippy’s plan – if not Kevin, then someone else famous. Talk about a cool souvenir! Very happy to hear that you are enjoying the “25th” year of your blessed life!

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