Internet Interruptions

There are always so many things to learn about marriage. For example, last night I learned how to turn my husband into the scariest man in the universe.

I was just browsing the internet, minding my own business. Then something funny looking popped up, and I closed it. But my computer was running slowly.


I immediately shut down the computer. Something wasn’t right.
Of course, it did no good. I restarted and the program had weaseled its way into everything near and dear to me. So, there I am, thinking I’ve lost everything that ever mattered to me: mp3s, pictures, and oh yeah, that book I’m trying to publish…

So I flip out, hysterical. I have some virus. MK comes over to take a look. In record time, he is able to reset my desktop and browse the depths of folders with names like “computer/mine/backup/log/music/ifyourwifebreakstufflookhere”
and found my personal content. Then he gets on the internet, ’cause it’s not over…

after running a bunch of virus find and destroy crap, for hours and hours, my computer has a semblance of its old self back. My husband, however, is a MONSTER. I tried to fix it, I knew it was bad, and I didn’t even go looking for it, but somehow, I’m to blame. Made for one grouchy night.

computer virus


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