Just Plain Lazy

Click here for information. It’s not blogworthy as a story, but in a list, well ok.


Five Recent Excuses I’ve used For Not Working Out:

  1. Sitting around makes me more tired.
  2. I think it might be, like, fall or something outside.
  3. This bag of salt and vinegar chips looks lonely.
  4. All running does is mess up my pedicure.
  5. Everyone else has such fancy pedometer/music/map/shoe/distance meters. I need one.

workout excuses


8 thoughts on “Just Plain Lazy

  1. *shakes index finger at you*

    I just started Body for Life Sunday. I’ve been working out pretty consistently for most of 2 years, but this program is still somehow kicking my ass. Join me, it’ll keep you on track (and make you walk funny).

  2. Nice. I’d love to have this posted at my office above my desk and having all my co-workers scratching their heads in wonder. T-minus 6 days until you and the Mr. will have to put up with me. Talk to you soon.

  3. Snippy- What’s that? I need some. I’m proud of you, I thought maybe, like me, you’d decide you were hot enough now that we’re all skinny.

    Nick- I can’t decide if that will make me more active or more hungover. That’s on you. Can’t wait to see you!!

  4. Best excuse I ever heard for not exercising, overheard in the office kitchen at my law firm job in Houston in the late ’90s: “I know they say exercise is supposed to give you more energy, but it always makes me feel so TIIIIIIIRED!”

    Of course, that’s only true if you exercise once or twice, then stop altogether and fill the time bitching about it. Which is what I’ve been doing of late.

    Plus, it’s hot as shit here still.

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