Breakin’ The Law

Shh, don’t tell anyone, but last week another adventure of ours was checking out Snoqualmie Falls. I mentioned it once before (click here for that post). This time the weather was much better, and we did the hike to the bottom, and jumped the fence, right next to the big sign that said don’t jump the fence, and walked down to the water. I wasn’t too worried, there were a ton of other conspirators down there. It was amazing. It cleared out after a while and MK and NN noticed an abandoned raft. So, what else do you do but jump in it in the water, the most totally inappropriate thing possible. The guys both floated around in the water for a while, I sat and laughed the whole time. In theory, a 5$ plastic boat at the bottom of falls taller than Niagara may seem crazy but it was in fact, awesome.

We took a ton of pics, here’s the link to some.

There are also four pictures from the top of the Columbia Center, which I also mentioned before, here’s that post.


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