Turn It Off

When you don’t have a job, you don’t typically know what day of the week it is. I have only noticed the change in seasons recently – I had to start putting on a long sleeve shirt to run in. Not having seen seasons for so long either, I forgot that that would be a second indicator of the hallowed week that is


Wait, there’s a whole week of this? Uh oh.

I’ve tried so hard to tear myself away from the TV all summer, but I’m a creature of habit with a penchant for background noise. I have speakers for my mp3 player, that’s helped. But last night, I rather innocently turned on the TV after our workout to watch MNF, and my hero, Vince Young *something like a phenomenon* tear it up like a champ.
Suddenly, husband flips around and starts watching Chuck.


Then the vortex SUCKED US IN. I’m all, what? That show I blogged about watching is on? Heroes premiere episode tonight? WHAT? The Bachelor?!? From AUSTIN??? Gotta watch that. What else? Dancing with the Stars? Who’s on, wait, stop me. That stuff is terrible, change the channel fast.

So: That Chuck show was pretty good. And MK liked it, which says a lot.
The Big Bang Theory was more terrible than I possibly could have imagined. I retract that previous post about thinking it might survive. Really, baaaaad.
Heroes, I forgot all about you. I’m confused. You better get good for me.
The Bachelor had me wondering when on EARTH impressing a man with your career and hobbies stopped and it became a webbed toed crazy lady contest. First impression should be for beauty or features, not singing dancing and contortion crap. It was embarrassingly fun to watch. Good luck Brad.

I spent time this morning looking through what else I’m going to watch – hoping not to become a couch potato. Tonight, only thing I’ll see is my Law and Order. SVU premiere has Cynthia Nixon, a Sex in the City lady. Looks hilarious.

brian the bachelor family guy


14 thoughts on “Turn It Off

  1. I have the TV on from the time I come home until 10 pm. I mean, I literally have it programmed to come on at 4:30, just moments before I come home, and shut off at 10:00 pm no matter what’s on. It’s usually on HGTV. I love that network…makes me want to rip my house apart and rebuild it completely! 😀

  2. You’re killing me!
    Ben, can’t you *ahem* download it somewhere? just curious…
    Jane, I haven’t seen wither of those shows but thought LIFE looked better than Journeyman, it’s on Wed.
    Vroni, you ALSO could be at my parents house, HGTV is probably on before and after Boston Legal. I don’t even know if I have that channel but do like some TLC shows.

  3. Let’s just say when Season 3 aired in the states, my flatmate got “creative” about watching it – when it finally aired in NZ we’d seen most of the season.

    No harm in watching it all again, however.

    Remind me to buy the dvds at some point.

  4. Heroes…best show on t.v. the only one I can’t do without! Other than that, my hubby only watches wwe and some other dumb, macho show with half-naked men beating the crap out of each other.
    You have a great blog…thanks for sharing

  5. ITS – I’m the same way. I end up watching them online. Thanks for dropping by, I really like your blog too.
    Melissa – Thanks for coming by! I hope Heroes gets better, I didn’t love the premiere.

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