Update: Branded Balls

The fate of the Bonds Ball has been decided.

As most of us talked about here:

Mark Ecko Makes Me Laugh

these individual records are what baseball means to its players and fans. These stat books are tainted by what the individuals do to their bodies.

So I’m happy that Ecko bought the ball and caused the stir. And of course, that the option I picked won.

Some people make me laugh with the theory that letting them all take drugs and beat themselves silly would be fine because *quote* “It’s not like these guys are saving the planet”. I see the point, but as a chick that might accidentally have a baby someday, I wouldn’t want that to be the feat my son would be aspiring to…

This is funny, because don’t all men get fat as they age, but I bet someone finds this definitive:

barry bonds before and after


5 thoughts on “Update: Branded Balls

  1. Yes, the MLB is just like the WWE. While Milton Bradley was faking an ACL injury to distract the umpires, Michael Barrett bodyslammed the opposing pitcher.

  2. ESPN assigns ex-athlete(actors) to apologize for the WWE scripted theater play.

    MLB = WWE

    No doubt. Corked bats and fixed outcomes.

    But ESPN did let Harold Reynolds go for sex harrassment of a female employee.

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