Haven’t Had One In A While

Click here for information. This might not surprise the northerners.


Five Things I Completely Forgot About Fall, After 8 Years:

  1. Women wearing boots. With everything.
  2. Razor burn.
  3. Coats.
  4. The sun setting 4 hours early all of a sudden.
  5. People talking about the weather.

winter boots summer clothes stupid

I don’t care what you say, it’s retarded.


15 thoughts on “Haven’t Had One In A While

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year, and the ONLY thing I miss about living in the midwest.

    Tell me you’re going to rake leaves and throw yourselves into the big piles.

    *can’t wait to have kids so I can do all of the ridiculous things I miss about childhood and not look like a complete fool*

  2. Last two days I’ve noticed so many women on the boots with anything thang. Sometimes it works, sometimes it really, really doesn’t.
    Boots are good, but they can really become unflattering. The leggings were the worst.
    Anyway, definitely happening.

    But then, you knew that…presumably.

  3. umm….is it okay to wear them with a hot pair of jeans sometimes? ’cause I think I may get into that this Fall (giggle, giggle), not those terrible slipper-ones though, but I’m scouting some cooler-looking ones…heehee, I promise it won’t look retarded 😉

  4. Is it “boot time” already?! Damn! And here I’m still wearing high heels like a sucker! I gotta pull my boots out! 😀

    Okay, all kidding aside, I completely agree. It’s ridiculous. But I will wear boots to the renaissance festival…that’s a must!

  5. Snippy – I’m loving the colors of the trees, so pretty.
    Jane – Sounds acceptable.
    Andy – You’re one of those guys, huh? 😉
    AC – boots and leggings and a skirt, the ugly trifecta.
    Romi – under or over the jeans is the question.
    Vroni – Not cold yet where you are?

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