Mark Ecko Makes Me Laugh

Here’s the story:

Ecko is Awesome – that’s right, it’s up to us to decide the fate of#756.
Bonds called him an idiot. Ouch. Now he has no team – bigger ouch!

I told you I was in the stands at the Mariners/Red Sox listening to him booed by thousands when he hit 755. (WTF is up with my Red Sox, btw?)

This is that story.

Here’s the site,

Vote 756 dot com

if you want to vote. I went for “Brand It” because that’s what I feel the situation deserves. It won’t be forgotten. But it could serve as a lesson.
No, snippy, it’s different than the Pats. Just because it is.

mark ecko


4 thoughts on “Mark Ecko Makes Me Laugh

  1. Y’all are a bunch of cheaters up there. Dang.

    I also vote brand it. . . only because I think that would be more humiliating than sending it to the moon.

    I still very clearly remember the day Sosa’s bat shattered . . . and how hard I tried to believe him when he insisted his practice bats must have gotten mixed up with his game bats. *sigh* Baseball broke my heart that day.

    I agree that it’s different. With baseball, the cheating is more about individual records than winning the World Series. With the Pats, I think it was a more broad, sweeping cheating with the goal being for the TEAM to succeed. . . which somehow irritates me more, but hurts my heart less.

  2. I voted to brand it. Did you hear the other day when Bonds heard about this? He started whining about Mark Ecko like a little baby.

    So when are people going to start treating these baseball players like they’ve been treating Pro Cyclists?

  3. Snippy- I agree the diff. between baseball and football, but still think every team in football records plays.

    Jamie- He pitched a fit. I don’t like that guy. And I agree it’s time for consequences.

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