The Long Road Back

Your injury stories are boring.
Your rehabilitation stories are boring.

So are mine. It’s not interesting to people that do what we do because we all test our limits. Everyone goes hard. Everyone breaks something. We all push and then we all suffer setbacks. Then we push again.

All I know is today I ran for the first time in years.

It hurt my pride maybe more than my body. I was self conscious. I was slow. I was in the middle of a city I don’t know.

But I did a few things. I woke up and I put clothes in a bag. I reached out for support and was supported. I turned loud music up, laced up my damn shoes, and suffered. I ran out of breath. I over thought the whole ordeal. And then, I did it. The doing was done. The high set in. The weak knees hurt, but they survived. I survived.

And maybe even that is boring. Most of us survive. Most of us break through the mental barrier. Most of us get back on the horse that kicked us off.



I’m happiest that no matter how long it took I attempted what I feared would be impossible, and I overcame odds and overcame myself. The physical pain I feared was nothing compared to what happened on the inside. That isn’t boring. That’s transformative.



Finally Hitting The Yoga Challenge!

Skiing has kinda killed me. I’m happy about it, but I’ve skied more this winter than the last two winters put together. I’ve skied harder, faster, and better. I’ve also totally repeatedly taxed my body to the point of exhaustion. I’m still wondering if what I have is a set of hairline fractured ankles.

The ‘break’ of SXSW provided not much of a break, the walking and standing didn’t give my feet, ankles, and knees the time to rest and repair I’d hoped for. Then I came home to a ton of new snow!

I’ve been trying to get back to the gym or back to yoga every day, but was just too beat. I finally started today in the basement, and thankfully there and not the gym! I had to take two ‘time outs’ on an hour long yoga workout. Sad.

If you remember me mentioning this Yoga 21 Day Challenge at the beginning of the year, I am so fortunate that all the videos are still available. You should check it out! I didn’t get to it then, but started it today.

I made it about two full months of not eating any crap. Unfortunately that kind of hurt me in the long run, eating crap in Austin made me super sick one whole night…but oh well. I’m upping the ante to no fast food and no restaurants, which will again have to wait until we get back from my Momm’s birthday vacation, although I’m going to try to force myself to either salads or small portions, haven’t quite figured that out. And again, if you ban it, then when you’re stuck with it, it hurts. Kinda curious about the appropriate balance. Thoughts?

And I have a question. I’m back to getting in shape, building flexibility, and cultivating this healthy body to ski and live with.

Do you use any supplements or swear by any product to help?

I’ve been drinking this daily and really like it, even though it’s one of those “not validated by the FDA” herbal kind of things. Any of you have something like this that you use/take/drink?

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Healthy Health

Perusing my past is a constant theme around here lately. I’ve been digging around my own archives to see what I can learn about myself. I find it hysterical I was once posting a weeks worth of workouts, cardio, and drinking habits with you. I was honest and accountable, but that didn’t really change my habits.

The weirdest thing about yoga to me is that I can practice it all day, but if something sets me off, I’m right back to my old self. This happened when I visited my parents, and even in talks with friends. We all do this with resolutions. It isn’t easy to be resolute.

After Vegas I was trying a little healthy eating, no drinking, minimum caffeine regimen. It barely lasted a week. Your resolve constantly needs to be strengthened, I think that is why yoga gives you mantras, and AA gives you the Serenity Prayer. I mean, to look at it’s most basic level, I’m not even going to make my book reading goal that seemed so easy back then.

My workouts were super duper insane when we lived in La Jolla – minimum 5 mile runs and then power lifting 5 days a week. But I pretty much looked and felt the same after a year of that. Yoga as a workout has improved my flexibility, but I’m sure not getting any skinnier.

What is the hardest resolution for you to keep? Does it deal with food, alcohol, writing, reading, even workouts? What do you do to try harder?

Deer Valley Hike

Here’s some pictures from our first uphill hike. Me, with the short legs and fat lady breathing, taking up the rear. The three tall guys made me look bad.

Deer Valley is a beautiful place to hike. The dogs loved running through the brush and the views were amazing. I totally burned enough calories for the fajita wrap I had at lunch at Windy Ridge! Hiking – to me – is walking in less attractive clothing. But good company to chat with made it fun. What I wonder now is if the exact same hike is less interesting the next time around.

View The Photos.

Lazy No More

The fact is that while you were all jonesing for blog posts and wondering what was going on in Park City, I was working on my fitness.

MK and I joined the gym here. My friend CL has made it her personal mission to not only show me all the classes and skills the gym has to offer, but to torture me inside and out, and probably revel in how much better shape she is than me.

Our 4th of July weekend was tons of fun but a bit mellow. I was feeling a little off so I was glad we didn’t go too crazy. We cooked out several times with the B’s and the McH’s, played with the kiddos, and went to the local parade (pictures coming soon).

But Tuesday we felt like it wasn’t over. I went to an early tough workout class, so I was exhausted at the end of the afternoon, and we napped. We went over to a friends for drinks. Wednesday CL and I went to the pool. Our gym has a POOL.

Thursday we went for a huge hike up Deer Valley, then to lunch, then to our neighbors for an impromptu party. The whole week has felt like the holiday never ended…and that’s my FAVORITE!

Between the workout class and the hike, I realized that I am in terrible shape. Back to the hardcore challenging my body. Back to work(out)!

If Only I Believed In Reincarnation

In my next life, I’d go to school, become a chiropractor, start yoga young, give all my friends free adjustments all the time, and get hired by an awesome indie rock band that took me on tour with them to balance partying with yoga and back cracking.

I had to go to the super nasty valley to take our car to the ‘doctor’. Of course there was a bunch of $ crap wrong with it, and they gave me a little loaner with hamsters working the engine to run around in. I went out shopping in a rather uniquely trashy part of the valley. I got bored pretty quickly so I found a highly recommended chiropractor on my phone and got right in.

Last summer I hurt my back doing one of those pull up stomach crunch machines. It only hurt sometimes, when I’d ski wrong or move heavy stuff around the house. But all the yoga twisting reminded me I really needed to get it looked at. More recently, I knew I had done something to my neck as well. In Austin I had the most fantabulous chiropractor ever. There was nothing like going to see her after three weeks of leaning over my work desk typing on my computer. She realigned my spine every time it fell into the work desk rut. I hadn’t been since – four years or more.

I feel like a million gazillion bucks today. My neck WAS really messed up – and me sleeping on it in pain and trying to relieve the pain myself was making it worse. He fixed that, took care of my back injury, and gave me some tips for the future. A+ all around, except where he mentioned I might calm the yoga down if it was beyond my ability, since my body was pretty tense and tight, the opposite of what I’m going for. That was humbling and hilarious.

Beginning Yoga

I just finished my second full hour of yoga. Fortunately for MK, this isn’t the kind of thing I need a new wardrobe for, and I already own a mat. In addition, there are a ton of DVDs I can watch on Netflix instantly. Because this is what I do: enjoy something, decide to be hooked, and then spend more time shopping for accessories than doing the actual workout or sport. I think that’s a typical girl thing…

I have spent some time online reading up on the whole deal, and don’t see myself going much further than the basics, but this is me two hours in. We’ll see in a couple of months. My first class was at a gym here, and I thought it was pretty easy. Until two days later, when the backs of my legs and all the things I had stretched out and felt some heat on were aching. But a good ache. Then we had company and a trip to Vegas and a day in bed to recover from Vegas, but I was eager to try again. I just did 5 10-minute videos to try some different things. It was definitely challenging and already rewarding.

As a short little thing, I feel like I walk taller and have more grace after yoga. I feel full, breathe well, and totally sleep like a baby. That’s enough benefits to keep me coming back. I look forward to this new journey and sharing it with you – I have no idea what I’m supposed to keep track of or how I know if I’m improving, so feel free to share if you know more than I do!