Guess who set foot inside a gym today? This guy.

Seriously, it’s been almost a year. That is scary right? To not have SET FOOT in a GYM for almost A YEAR!?!?! Wow. It felt a little strange. And smelly. But inspiring.

MR drags me (at 10 – sooo early!) to a dance class. Like the infomercial. Zumba. It was great. High energy cardio. Just what my butt has been needing. I hope this is the start of something good – although I ate like a pig all day afterward…

Totally Lame

 What do you call it when something looks like it can handle something but totally can’t?  I couldn’t run a mile. As I mentioned yesterday, MK and I did a little fun run Monday. Except it wasn’t fun. It was hard.

And now, two days later, my legs are KILLING me. Remember all that 10 mile run bragging I was doing? What on earth happened to that body? It looks the same – but that was apparently a loooong time ago. So I might fit in to little jeans still, but I lost all the skills from way back when. No more thinking all that skiing gave me super powers, no more putting off the gym since I’m so thin. It’s time to get undo all this lazy.

How bad is it – I mean, hashing is the easiest running there is. They feed you beer on trail. Everyone’s just goofing off. I was struggling so much I felt like I was wearing a 300 lb. fatsuit. We were supposed to run again last night but there was no chance at all that was happening. Friday is going to kill me…

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Getting Back In Shape

For over a year, I updated you regularly on my workouts as a way to hold myself accountable. It was helpful to keep a calendar of my fitness schedule, a food diary, and a record of all the times I broke my diet and fitness plans. That was a while ago now. I liked working out in Seattle in the great weather. In San Diego last year, the gym was a must, everyone was so fit. In Park City, skiing made me want to drink beer, eat carbs, and sleep.

Skiing was a workout in and of itself that prevented me from gaining any weight, but I did lose most of the upper body muscles I had grown the year before. So far my workout routine since coming back to San Diego has consisted of not eating (especially no carbs) and not drinking any beer. I broke my diet yesterday with the most delicious piece of pizza on the planet. I have started dreaming about pasta. I just can’t live without it.

So anorexic skinny is not going to work for me. It’s going to have to be exercise. Believe me, I’m not excited about it. It’s just not something I enjoy, especially by myself. I’m trying my best to get hubby out on the nice new cruisers we got, but he’s always so tired after that job thing he has to do every day. We didn’t join a gym because our building has one. He’s seen it twice. I don’t know where it is.

MK tells me all I need to do is work out 6 hours a day to get my old muscles back in a month. I have a feeling it’s going to take 30 minutes a day for the rest of my life. Meh.

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Non Sporting Sports Injury

The first time I hurt my knee was in high school. In the marching band. Which is not a sport. It’d be cool to be on crutches if you were the quarterback of the football team, but not if you’re the worst girl that was demoted from flute to I’m not even telling you what it’s that bad. There were many “she can’t even walk right” comments in my family.

I sucked at every sport I ever tried, so I gave them up as fast as I could. Then, in college I blew my knee out twice more – once on a sticky bar floor and once at an uneven outdoor concert venue. I shouldn’t even HAVE pride left. At the bar, the owner was a friend of mine, and was nice enough to give me a shot of tequila after I successfully popped my kneecap back into the socket it is supposed to stay in. At the concert, I was having trouble doing it myself but no man I was with would hit it in for me as I kept instructing. All three times I’ve gone to the doctor they’ve put me in a giant immobilizer, that goes from your ankle to your hip. Again, glamorous only after saving babies from burning buildings, not in college hopping around campus after a night at a bar.

So of course I took up skiing. And the point of this story is that although my knee hurt from time to time, it barely would pop, not the full on dislocation I’ve come to expect. And I made it through ski season – the toughest sport I’ve ever attempted, still walking on both legs.

Until last week, when no, not skiing, but standing up from sitting down and turning to reach and get something…did I pop my knee out of joint. My knee is a dork.

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Useful Fitness Links

I’ve been doing some hunting…


Five Sites And Articles Worth Reading:

1. Glamour has decent Health and Fitness articles
2. Some convincing pictures and an article advocating not wearing high heels
3. Fit Sugar dot com, a great blog with a network crapload of other links too
4. I’ve been looking ALL MY LIFE – FINALLY, sugar free margarita mix!
5. Fitness.com, a no-brainer

Ice Cream

As promised.

Seriously. I never liked ice cream after I was, maybe, 6. Gram used to take me and I’d get pistachio and we’d race to eat our cones without letting a drip drop. I was a pro. But then it was too sweet. I let it go.

When I got to Austin I want to say every (don’t tell my husband) guy that ever took me on a date would end up at an Amy’s Ice Cream. At least before I could sneak in go to bars. They would be all impressed showing the girl new to town the crazy fanfare of a guy mashing stuff into ice cream as though it’d never been done. I tried to be polite and often would fake surprise, or a “No, this is my first trip for ice cream! Wow!”

That kind of sounded like a dirty euphemism…

Anyway, so way back when Brother came to visit he suggests ice cream. We’re all, why not? We never. I got a REDUCED fat some kind of raspberry-graham-cracker-cheesecake. It was amazingly delicious.

Then Cousin comes to visit. And what do we have? Perhaps five or twelve rounds of cheesecake ice cream, in all different places, with all different fruits. And it’s so good. I could live on it.

Except – needless to say, when company comes my gym time declines. So now that I’ve stepped it up to running and weights daily, which I call my “two-a-days”, my question is this:

Ice Cream, anyone?

With posts like this it’s not had to understand why this blog is hitting all time traffic highs.

Dieting With Your Eyes

These links are really great. They show you just what you get for you caloric intake.

What does 200 calories look like?

What do 300 calorie meals look like?

300 calorie food picture gallery

It can be tricky to judge whether or not a portion is too big. This helps!

Twenty-four Doritos contain about 300 calories, 16 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber.

Motivation To Work Out

Here’s a link to an article with FIVE WHOLE PAGES of tips and suggestions to help your body overcome your brain when it comes to working out. My fave is the one I use all the time that totally works – I put on workout clothes. I force myself to get out and do something with the energy it gives me and for some reason the clothes feel like I’m halfway there, so it’s harder for me to say no.

Instant Motivation from prevention.com

nives body

(don’t mind the part about 40+)

Writing/Editing Update – Halfway Point

Through no small feat I’ve reached the halfway point in my editing. Instead of wild celebration, however, all this means for me is fervor. I’m ready to knock the second half out, in double time. I’m giving myself two weeks, after my company leaves. That is actually presumably quadruple time, but no one is counting. I just kind of want to be done with it and get to the fun part, like signing them.

I’m also using that two weeks to bulge some intense muscles. A blast of toning for bikini season. I’m totally happy where I’m at, so why not go above and beyond, and then slack a little when it’s hot and I just want to lay by the pool? I think it’s a good plan. I just need to work on my implementation…

Things work in pairs right? Like socks.

writing a novel

Learn To Read – Nutrition Label Edition

Most of us have learned to glance at the Nutrition Facts label on food we purchase. Do you know what it means?

Here’s a link to an interactive label to help you understand what it’s telling you.

Here’s another link to a broadened explanation of how this affects your nutrition. You have to click links to go step by step on this one.

One important thing to try to remember is the serving size vs. the content of fat and sugar. If your serving size is 13 grams, and that contains 5g of fat and 7g of sugar, think about how many grams of anything else you’re really getting…

Also remember if you’re dieting, the %DV is even higher for you than the label. (Calculated on 2000 cal/day).

Here’s a good example of all the other information the package of food may give you and how to process it.

nutrition label

It’s been a while since I bugged you about your health, here’s one easy way to take care of it.