Deer Valley Hike

Here’s some pictures from our first uphill hike. Me, with the short legs and fat lady breathing, taking up the rear. The three tall guys made me look bad.

Deer Valley is a beautiful place to hike. The dogs loved running through the brush and the views were amazing. I totally burned enough calories for the fajita wrap I had at lunch at Windy Ridge! Hiking – to me – is walking in less attractive clothing. But good company to chat with made it fun. What I wonder now is if the exact same hike is less interesting the next time around.

View The Photos.


One thought on “Deer Valley Hike

  1. Those are cute! You got some really good pictures of Chris and Phil. And I think you look cute in your hiking clothes– what’s unattractive about them? Somebody’s not telling you how pretty you are often enough, I think….

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