Beginning Yoga

I just finished my second full hour of yoga. Fortunately for MK, this isn’t the kind of thing I need a new wardrobe for, and I already own a mat. In addition, there are a ton of DVDs I can watch on Netflix instantly. Because this is what I do: enjoy something, decide to be hooked, and then spend more time shopping for accessories than doing the actual workout or sport. I think that’s a typical girl thing…

I have spent some time online reading up on the whole deal, and don’t see myself going much further than the basics, but this is me two hours in. We’ll see in a couple of months. My first class was at a gym here, and I thought it was pretty easy. Until two days later, when the backs of my legs and all the things I had stretched out and felt some heat on were aching. But a good ache. Then we had company and a trip to Vegas and a day in bed to recover from Vegas, but I was eager to try again. I just did 5 10-minute videos to try some different things. It was definitely challenging and already rewarding.

As a short little thing, I feel like I walk taller and have more grace after yoga. I feel full, breathe well, and totally sleep like a baby. That’s enough benefits to keep me coming back. I look forward to this new journey and sharing it with you – I have no idea what I’m supposed to keep track of or how I know if I’m improving, so feel free to share if you know more than I do!


2 thoughts on “Beginning Yoga

  1. I took yoga classes after having Sydney. Best way I could describe the experience is emotionally therapeutic. I was a very frazzled new mom, and I always left yoga feeling like maybe I could handle another day without tearing my hair out. I didn’t make any remarkable leaps in strength or flexibility, but that’s probably because we moved within six months.

    Glad you’re enjoying it so far!

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