If Peer Pressure Works

Living here for just the last week has made me realize something: If peer pressure works, every one of you will tell me you hate me this year. If peer pressure works, I might end up in spandex. If peer pressure works, I’ll be franchising a gym. If peer pressure works, I’ll have the butt of a biker, not of a Kardashian. If peer pressure works…

There wasn’t even a break. All the locals that I’ve been scoping out and recognizing amidst tourists all winter are basically all that are left now. You can’t miss them. They didn’t take a break. The ski resorts closed Sunday, and they went home Sunday night and washed and packed their ski gear. Then they broke out the road bikes, the mountain bikes, the running gear, the hiking poles.


I feel like I spent a long successful winter flying down runs, and even and extra tough last week plowing through powder, to enjoy some lying around in the warm weather. But no. THERE’S NO BREAK IN PARK CITY!

I am pretty happy about it, really. We tried the Globo Gym here, then the more casual Joe’s Gym. We tried walking around outside. We will try to take advantage of all the lessons and learning from friends about spring sports and athletics there is to try. I’m only to happy to run my errands in work out clothes, once I’m no longer the FATTEST person in the entire city, even though I’m losing weight. I’ll love getting out and doing things with people. I’ll love the adventures. But really, really, I’ll be easy to spot amidst these crazies, I’ll still be taking a break.


3 thoughts on “If Peer Pressure Works

  1. Seriously, if I hear or read you referring to yourself as “fat” again, I might have to hurt you. You need therapy. Love you! 😉

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