County Fair Round Two

This is the second time we took a trip to the fair. I loved it last year (here’s that post) and since DW would disintegrate in any more direct sun, the fair provided an option since the beach was out. Unfortunately since it was the last weekend, and the day before the holiday that everyone was off from work, we spent an hour getting there. It was worth it when we got our Zucchini Weenie though!

That’s right, they actually listed it in the program as the newest feature food of the fair. The description is a simple one: a hot dog, in a zucchini, fried in batter. It was at the stand that also featured the fried chicken in a Krispy Kreme donut, the fried mushrooms, the fried ice cream cookie sandwich, the fried Twinkie, and the fried Oreos.

Fair food is hilarious. There is no light snack. There is splurge after splurge. Fried food in general, fair food, etc., is a big treat. Well, at least for us. There were people in that line that I’m not sure realized that all their problems could be solved by stepping out of that line. Maybe not solved, but let’s call it a step. There were multiple people in those carts driving themselves because they were too big to walk in that line. I just don’t understand…


7 thoughts on “County Fair Round Two

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  2. It looks like a corndog gone wrong. Do I dip it in mustard, or ranch? Mustard or ranch?! Too complicated for my feeble brain. 🙂

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