Healthy Living Is Overrated

We had a big beach volleyball party last Sunday. A too big party, really. And we partied and stayed up past our (MK’s) bedtime. I got a little grounded for not having sympathy when he didn’t put himself to bed. So as punishment I had a self imposed week of clean living. Just to prove I could do it. And I did do it. But I think it’s totally lame.

I got up at between 5 and 7 every day this week – usually (my honesty embarrasses me) I get up around 8 or 9. I worked out all week – which I haven’t done in forever. I stayed sober all week (again, that honesty thing).  I cleaned house, read books, didn’t even get too much sun. We went out to dinner only once. We stayed in at night besdies volleyball night and even then left early and kept it very low key.

All it did was water weight bloat me and make me irritable. And crabby. I didn’t feel like myself at all. Some people might get better from a ‘cleanse’/detox period, I think I crashed and burned. I mean, really, I’ve gotten so used to my night owl hours and way of life the change did not do me well. I got told at volleyball last night I am super-no-fun-pants when I’m there sober. I agree.

Thank goodness KD is coming this weekend to get me back to my old self!


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