If Only I Believed In Reincarnation

In my next life, I’d go to school, become a chiropractor, start yoga young, give all my friends free adjustments all the time, and get hired by an awesome indie rock band that took me on tour with them to balance partying with yoga and back cracking.

I had to go to the super nasty valley to take our car to the ‘doctor’. Of course there was a bunch of $ crap wrong with it, and they gave me a little loaner with hamsters working the engine to run around in. I went out shopping in a rather uniquely trashy part of the valley. I got bored pretty quickly so I found a highly recommended chiropractor on my phone and got right in.

Last summer I hurt my back doing one of those pull up stomach crunch machines. It only hurt sometimes, when I’d ski wrong or move heavy stuff around the house. But all the yoga twisting reminded me I really needed to get it looked at. More recently, I knew I had done something to my neck as well. In Austin I had the most fantabulous chiropractor ever. There was nothing like going to see her after three weeks of leaning over my work desk typing on my computer. She realigned my spine every time it fell into the work desk rut. I hadn’t been since – four years or more.

I feel like a million gazillion bucks today. My neck WAS really messed up – and me sleeping on it in pain and trying to relieve the pain myself was making it worse. He fixed that, took care of my back injury, and gave me some tips for the future. A+ all around, except where he mentioned I might calm the yoga down if it was beyond my ability, since my body was pretty tense and tight, the opposite of what I’m going for. That was humbling and hilarious.


4 thoughts on “If Only I Believed In Reincarnation

  1. Jessica – I don’t think my husband believes in turning over a ‘new leaf’ since he knows he’d have to pay for it 😉

    Dadd – That sounds like you’re trying to make a lazy joke, it IS more likely I was blogging than working but, still, hunched over the desk.

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