Healthy Health

Perusing my past is a constant theme around here lately. I’ve been digging around my own archives to see what I can learn about myself. I find it hysterical I was once posting a weeks worth of workouts, cardio, and drinking habits with you. I was honest and accountable, but that didn’t really change my habits.

The weirdest thing about yoga to me is that I can practice it all day, but if something sets me off, I’m right back to my old self. This happened when I visited my parents, and even in talks with friends. We all do this with resolutions. It isn’t easy to be resolute.

After Vegas I was trying a little healthy eating, no drinking, minimum caffeine regimen. It barely lasted a week. Your resolve constantly needs to be strengthened, I think that is why yoga gives you mantras, and AA gives you the Serenity Prayer. I mean, to look at it’s most basic level, I’m not even going to make my book reading goal that seemed so easy back then.

My workouts were super duper insane when we lived in La Jolla – minimum 5 mile runs and then power lifting 5 days a week. But I pretty much looked and felt the same after a year of that. Yoga as a workout has improved my flexibility, but I’m sure not getting any skinnier.

What is the hardest resolution for you to keep? Does it deal with food, alcohol, writing, reading, even workouts? What do you do to try harder?


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