Buy Me A Bed And Breakfast

Last winter I got good (I think) at being a hostess. In fact, since we moved out of Austin, we’ve had over 50 visitors come and stay with us in various places at various times, I’ve lost count. And I really grew to love it. A full house is a happy house. Especially in Park City, in the winter, during the holidays.

Which is why I think I should buy you should buy me a bed and breakfast.

And it just so happens there is one for sale. On Main Street. I bet it’s easier to take care of strangers, I can accidentally become lazy around friends. And they can keep coming, at a reduced rate 😉

Here it is.

As you can see, it’s missing some things. Like walls. So long story short I need about 4 million dollars.

I could be good at this. Lots of fresh-baked muffins for breakfast to make the place smell yummy. After you hang some walls, I can remodel, paint, and decorate myself. Auction furniture to make each of the 10 rooms unique. MK can guide you around if you want a ski guide at any of the ski resorts. Dinner menus from all the great places on Main (of course I’d ask for specials). Want a night without the kids? Go to dinner and I’ll watch them for two hours and make them some pizza.

I can handle cleaning sheets. Make sure you’re cozy. Sell you stuff you may have forgotten (there is no drug store on Main, I could totally find a way to incorporate one for all the tourists…). Get you up for first chair. Host a happy hour after you’re home and showered. Have nice TVs and a decent DVD collection/Netflix hookup.

Convinced? I’ll let you know where to send the check.


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