Vacation, Continued

As I mentioned Monday, MK called me up and asked if he could drive to San Diego, and change my flight to meet him there. I had an awesome lazy Sunday shopping with SB, enjoying the sun at Cedar Door with SB KD and JC, and saying goodbye to JC KD and LC over some drinks. I slept in Monday and caught an afternoon flight.

MK decided he wanted to move back to San Diego (I’m not even making a formal announcement this time, what’s the point). You can click here and see all of our moves, and reminisce over where we’ve been. I’m sure there are other places we could try – remember that I asked you here to give us some suggestions.

MK really loved the water and the vibe of San Diego, it’s everything we love about Austin without allergies and heatstroke. We’ve secured a place, that’s why we went – on the bay (Mission Bay, Sail Bay to be specific.)

There are a ton of reasons I’m happy about this. One, our friends threw us a come back soon party to remind us that we met some great people when we lived there, that actually want us to come back. Two, I’m gonna get a beach cruiser. I get in good shape, and get tan. There were friends that didn’t get to visit that I hope will this time around. I might some day have family there…

We stayed with friends and had a great time. We drove back and were planning on hitting a bunch of National Parks and the Grand Canyon, but the thing isn’t even open yet. So we settled for Zion National Park and headed home – on word a huge spring storm was going to give us a little more time to ski.

I want this one

I want this one

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11 thoughts on “Vacation, Continued

  1. Love the beach cruiser! You’d be so cute on this. Sounds like San Diego would be a great place for you guys to go back to. I love it out there, maybe the next time we go out there to visit my husband’s aunt we can visit you too! Keep us posted!

  2. I have a new case just starting in San Diego, so I may be coming out to visit a lot in the next year (assuming you stay there that long)! Maybe this is your new thing – SD in the summers, SLC in the winters. Not a bad life.

  3. Christine – You’re welcome any time!
    Craig – 1,no. 2, Sail is a part of Mission. 3, reread. 4, and ‘come’ but thanks.
    Ash- I think it might work out that way and I’d be just fine with that!

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