Blog Link Love

This is special. Just like FF’s #10. And as a double super special surprise, it’s NaBloPoMo related. Which made me work just a little bit harder. So appreciate! If you’re here all the time, go ahead, click the links. If you’re visiting – click here for information. It’s a list game. You can do it.


Five Random New Blogs I’ve Found And Liked:

  1. Oxymorons and Hangovers
  2. Do They Read Obituaries
  3. Tenth Muse
  4. Fancy Pants
  5. True Purpose

I’m not trying to be too mean, but even those weren’t easily found. There are so many (bad) participants, the randomizer doesn’t really work, and really, if I find one more fairy blogger (literally, a woman that blogs and is a fairy…) someone’s going down. That or a woman who’s ‘blurb’ is: ‘I stay at home with kids and surf the net don’t tell my husband’. If that happens here, shut my site down.


NANO TOTAL: 4718 words.
NaBlo Day 9: Check.


9 thoughts on “Blog Link Love

  1. Sybo – Email.
    Craig – Nice.
    Snippy – Remember how many cool people YOU met last year? Where are they all????? You were NaBlo famous. And, TFD is the best at making fun of bloggers. Really.

  2. i can’t believe i waited so long to become a blogger. so, did al gore come up with the term “blog” too?! OOH! do some research on the world’s youngest blogger. i bet he’s like 9.

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