Slice Of Heaven

If anyone didn’t check my Twitter over there on the right (you don’t have to sign in to look around!) you are totally missing out on my super awesome patio and furniture. A few chairs with cushions was all it took to make me fall in love with this house all over again. The weather here is so perfect, so it follows being comfortable outside is perfect. I thought I’d share it again, in a much sunnier picture:

I’ve been sitting out there with my coffee and book most mornings for a week now. It’s all kinds of  gorgeous and lovely. Tons of sweet chirpy birds keep me company. By the way, the latest book I finished, An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England, was great if you’re looking for something to read!

We’ve done so much to the house! I kept stalling on the photos – trying to get the B’s over here to see it in person. But each phone call from Momm means I can’t wait any longer.

Here’s a before of my office/2nd guest/future kid if there are kids room:

There were two touching blue walls, and two touching white-ish walls. No idea why. It bugged me. MK replaced all the outlets, and I painted the walls and the ceiling. Then, I finally talked him into letting me put some racing stripes on the wall. It’s the chardonnay and merlot room now!

Painting with a dark color like that on a not perfectly flat wall was no easy feat. Neither was getting the one little drop of paint out of the carpet. But I am super thrilled with how well it came out. Still need to hang a bit of wall art, but making good progress! We painted MK’s office closet, which means I have painted every single room in the house, ceilings too, except his office and the one bathroom downstairs that came done. No wonder my neck permanently hurts!


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