Park City Summer

The past few days have been so great.

Friday I got to sit out in the sun and work on my tan. Yes, CH, waaay tanner than you now. MK went to the valley and I got to join MH and AM for their softball game. Unbelievably, it is LEGAL to DRINK in City Park in Park City. That kind of blew my mind. So we had a couple of beers. The games were fun to watch and the weather was just perfect. The team went out but MH and I decided to go eat some sushi at our favorite place, Hapa Grill.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and MK did yard work and we lounged around a bit. He organized his office, and I made the place spotless. We had dinner with the B’s and enjoyed a nice night in together.

Sunday I went to the Silly Market again, with MH and AM after a little shopping around town. Possibly most important is the perfect shade of lip color she picked out for me. Made my month. We stopped at Doolan’s for lunch and drinks, and got to go see AM’s new place and the softball team ended up there too, and we had a giant pool party! We relocated back to City Park and played sand volleyball, which was the best volleyball I’ve ever played, beating MK’s team every time. Figures I’d be good at volleyball here, not on the beach. I think the key was the “rotate like a robot” rule we came up with. Did wonders for the team. We had dinner at the Spur to round out the weekend.

Monday was a little slow starting after Sunday Funday, but we did run some errands and have a big dinner, and watch a movie.

Tuesday MK took me on a hike date at Deer Valley, then out to watch the World Cup and enjoy a burger and beer at O’Shucks. It’s been so much fun to enjoy the weather and friends we’ve made.

A flower in front of our house


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