You Can Take A Family Trip To Vegas

We had a resounding success this weekend! Nobody fought! Everybody partied! We couldn’t get anyone to go to bed! The only crying was during goodbyes!

We got everyone around everywhere. I’m pretty sure the first timers saw more of Vegas than I saw my first ten times – lions, sharks, one casino after another. With a sweet person who was willing to stuff herself in the trunk a bunch, having the car really came in handy. I even had a bunch of firsts too, like the roller coaster at NYNY, and a comedian. It was such a neat experience to do things a little differently. It was a little sad that our pool day was cloudy, but you can lay around anywhere. We just keep sight-seeing.

If 12 of my family members can have that successful of a trip, anyone can. A little planning, a little research, and everyone putting on their party pants made it a trip I’ll never forget. And not just because I am better at blackjack than my Dad, Mom, brother, and Uncle.


4 thoughts on “You Can Take A Family Trip To Vegas

  1. Thanks for everything KK & MK!
    What a great time!
    Snippy you missed a GREAT PARTY! (you wouldn’t have had to carry anyone home this time)

  2. I don’t know, mom. . . what kind of great party doesn’t end with someone needing to be carried home? 😉 Glad you all had a good time. I can just imagine it with the lot of ya.

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