New Pantry Plans

Sometimes this house stuff is so uninteresting I feel bad making you read about it. But, Momm likes it and it’s pretty much all I do. MK won’t let me go for a hike or bike ride until I’ve completed the renovations of the entire house. Slave driver.

So, the latest idea is to put a hole in the wall between the kitchen and the living room. Not JUST so I can watch Law and Order while I cook, but to open it up and let more light in. And so I can watch Law and Order while I cook.

We’re planning on taking down all the wood on the living room wall (when MK’s dad comes, which is soon approaching!). Here’s what that looks like to remind you.

The other side of that wall is the pantry. Here’s what that looked like to remind you.

MK ripped all the wood out, and much to our chagrin, as I mentioned in this post, ever so briefly, found wallpaper. And had to remove it. And that was gross. But I did it, patched all the holes, and painted the space.


We have no idea  if it’s possible to make it a whole walk through doorway, or just a picture window type deal. We’ll find out. In the meantime, we went ahead and took down all the shelves. Because if it is eventually a walkway or window, you don’t want to look at our food. We found the perfect ikea piece, which is technically called a ‘desk’ although I can’t see you using it for that. It’s our new roll top hidden pantry.


3 thoughts on “New Pantry Plans

  1. I just can’t get over the size of your new hidden pantry. It’s so SMALL. And I’m sure you want to tell me “it’s so much bigger than it looks!” but don’t bother. I know you guys, and half that thing is already filled with K-cups, not food. 😉

  2. Snippy – It must not have always been a pantry. Everything in the house is never what it seems…
    Trish – FULL of K cups. Full. We still have the whole other side full of food and will have to find a way to cover that side of shelves. This one is just for appliances and crap.

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