Park Silly Market

Every Sunday in the spring and summer, Main Street hosts a little street fair with vendors and kids activities, food and shopping. The first Sunday also happened to be SB’s 4th birthday, and we got to go to the Market and celebrate her birthday with the family. She bought her own presents with a gift card and got a free fairy costume. It also happened to be about 40 outside. Brr. For the last three weeks, it’s been warm in the high 70s with one day in the week day that is ice cold.

The second Sunday was Father’s Day, and we got to join the B’s again, for lunch at Wasatch Brew Pub, a stroll down Main, and SB’s first pair of flip flops! We also had cake and wine after to celebrate TB’s birthday and BB’s first 2 kid Father’s Day. The B’s have a busy June!

Here’s a whole album of photos from the weekends. Turn around time is so much better when I’m taking the pictures!


5 thoughts on “Park Silly Market

  1. Nope. Here’s what I see when I click your link and log in to Snapfish:

    We’re sorry, but the album you’re trying to view is no longer available through this URL. Please ask your friend to share the photos again.

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