Bad For Those Bad Eyes

There are many simple things that make me super happy in life. What can I say, I’m a simple girl at heart. I’ve told you about my love of having a BlackBerry here, here, and here. Recently, I’ve been super happy finding many new services on my BlackBerry. KD got me on googleTalk, so I can chat with my google/gmail buddies even on my phone. And the best one yet is a free online book reading app where I’m currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl (and loving it so far!). It scrolls and doesn’t bother my eyes as long as I have my glasses on (the ones I hate, still no new ones yet) even in the dark in the car last night.

Not only is this discovery probably bad for my eyes, it’s bad for my husband. He already hates me super engrossed in anything, even reading, too often. He also loves his BlackBerry, but only for google maps. He kinda has an aversion.

He yells at me if I’m on the phone too much, even if I’m making us dinner plans. Especially if we are around anyone else. Even if I’m talking to someone on the way. You know what I mean, right? I try to have etiquette and strike a balance, but sometimes it’s hard! And that phone can be a real lifesaver when you’re stuck doing something boring, say waiting for a plane. I’m excited about the books, now I don’t need a Kindle!

So here are my questions for you all going along with this theme:

  • Do you have a phone you’re addicted to?
  • If you do, what’s the best app/program?
  • Does someone else’s phone use drive you nuts?

Bad Planning

Just decided to do a week of “Bad”s. On a Wednesday. See title. 😉

One thing I’m really not good at is making a plan. Maybe schedule is the word I’m looking for. I used to have post-it’s everywhere at work (anyone?). That was the way to get through the day. MR and I were talking about paper lists. I had one every day. But it never made me a better planner.

I was also famous for saying yes to more than one thing, but never on purpose. That is not the habit of a good planner! A good planner doesn’t double book, right???

Have you realized that it’s almost the end of summer? Especially here in San Diego, that means there are a thousand new super fun things to do in the next three weekends. We’re all trying to cram in the last bits of good times.

But we can’t concentrate on that! We have to decide where to move to! But wait! We have to think about this weekend! And the future! And babies! Just kidding – but you know what I mean.

How do you keep a plan?

There’s the immediate future. And the “Can you?” from a drunk friend at the bar. And the laundry. And your biological clock. It’s just starting to hit us there are a lot of timetables to be on – and we’re not on any of them! There’s still so much we were planning on we haven’t even done yet, and with every move, time is running out…

Bad Marketing

The more I think about what I want to do with myself I think about what I’ve done. I’ve been blogging badly for four years now. It didn’t make me famous. I’ve been running around on the internet looking for ways to think of a next big something. I’ve written books I’m too chicken to show anyone (that’s where all the chicken references come from in case that made no sense).

My sales pitch might be the problem. “Tastes like chicken” might not be the most thoughtful tagline. I’ve been thinking about what to put on my resume for how lazy I’ve been the last three years – I never thought “housewife” could be me until I watched those Bravo shows and realized you don’t need to do crap to be called a “housewife”. We joked about getting business cards- Realtors keep asking MK for one and we both laugh. What we he do with those? Build card towers? It would have his name and email, which is his name. And maybe his phone number, which ironically is also his name.



Can you tagline yourself? What would your tagline be? “Hard worker”? “Mother of 18”? “Boisterous”? “Business oriented with a goal of success and growth in an emerging new media industry”? Tell me in the comments.

Good Better Best

How many people in your life make you want to be a better person? Too often, I think, I get in a rut of behavior and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what the future could hold, what is most important to me in life. We play and goof off and enjoy the present – which I think is totally acceptable – but we also let go of a lot in order to have that fun.

MK and I have made a ton of friends here that are bar buddies. You totally need those friends, but those friends don’t fly to visit you and make you think about your life. They will show up for the Inner2bapalooza, but they’ll get drunk and make you lose your husband. They won’t understand when that bothers you like a good friend will. But a good friend will also tell you when to get over it sometimes. We left so many of those friends behind when we left Austin, and that’s no fun.

For all that and more – hanging out with my friends, talking me through my issues, and just being such a cool person I can’t be happier we met – I totally wasn’t surprised when I had the uncontrollable out of nowhere sniffles after I put KD on the plane. She was probably ready to go – but I wasn’t ready to let her! Thank you, lady, for being so incredible!

Just Go With It

Recently (go find it) I twittered about the awesomeness coming this weekend, Inner2bapalooza.

UPDATED TO ADD: see comments for the video!


The Five Paragraphs Of The Best Mass Email Ever:

  1. With attendance reaching over 1000 strong, this years INNER2BAPALOOZA should prove to be San Diego’s finest moment in debauchery.  In order to ensure your supreme pleasure in floatation, we at TFE have put together a solid list of “Do Bring” and “Don’t Brings” for this Saturday.
  2. Do Bring:   flotation device, beer beer and MORE beer, bags of ice, coolers, costumes, wigs, air horns, coors light girls, swell attitude, midgets with chips and salsa hats, pasties, short shorts, sunscreen, mullets, jack daniels (please), edible underwear, bar-tending Michael Phelps, hovercrafts, aircraft carriers, singing hippopotamuses, beer bongs, loose hippy chicks, filet mignon, ID’s to verify your age(might be very important!!!@%^@&), Megan Fox sans weird boyfriend, strong will to live
  3. Don’t Bring:   shark chum, working toasters, cement shoes, barking spiders, Greg Louganis, yellow number 5, aquaphobia, blow fish mittens, bad weather, Hanz Brix
  4. KEY ANNOUNCMENT:  The King and Queenapalooza –  As for the Annual King and Queen of Innertubapalooza nominations, all outfits(or lack thereof), Full Extensions, pelvic vibrations, wild animals stolen from the San Diego Zoo, blow up dolls, and overall weird gestures will be taken into account.  Pretty much if you want the world’s most prestigious sauce monster trophy, you need to bring your A-game, be jacked up on PCP, and pour booze on yourself all day long while celebrating like it’s a mixture of New Years, the 4th of July, and Summerpalooza(oh wait it is Summerpalooza-what?).
  5. Itinerary:
    12:00 – start to arrive at Sail Bay (see map on site)
    1:00 – celebratory Extension to kick off event
    2:30 – Mariachi Nuevo California arrives via pontoon boat and seduces the crowd with loud latin yelps, unkept mustaches, smiling gold teeth, and tequila dragon breath
    4:00 – Blue Angels fly by, Jennifer Hudson national anthem, Blue Man Group drum circle, the Kraken resurfaces after 2000 years of solitude and starts handing out shots of Rumplemintz
    6:00 – The White House calls declaring INNERTUBAPALOOZA a National Holiday and invites Kraken over to discuss healthcare reform
    7:00 – ^%)*$#%)#*@_!!

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Healthy Living Is Overrated

We had a big beach volleyball party last Sunday. A too big party, really. And we partied and stayed up past our (MK’s) bedtime. I got a little grounded for not having sympathy when he didn’t put himself to bed. So as punishment I had a self imposed week of clean living. Just to prove I could do it. And I did do it. But I think it’s totally lame.

I got up at between 5 and 7 every day this week – usually (my honesty embarrasses me) I get up around 8 or 9. I worked out all week – which I haven’t done in forever. I stayed sober all week (again, that honesty thing).  I cleaned house, read books, didn’t even get too much sun. We went out to dinner only once. We stayed in at night besdies volleyball night and even then left early and kept it very low key.

All it did was water weight bloat me and make me irritable. And crabby. I didn’t feel like myself at all. Some people might get better from a ‘cleanse’/detox period, I think I crashed and burned. I mean, really, I’ve gotten so used to my night owl hours and way of life the change did not do me well. I got told at volleyball last night I am super-no-fun-pants when I’m there sober. I agree.

Thank goodness KD is coming this weekend to get me back to my old self!

Blog Block

Sometimes I sit down so worked up I can’t spew the thoughts out of my fingers fast enough. My spelling and grammar – okay, and content – usually sucks and comes out nothing like I was thinking when I began.

But of course there are times when I have nothing to say. If the days are quiet and I’m not in the middle of any crazy adventure, I try to tell a story. You might have noticed lately I’ve had a few posts categorized “Reminiscing”.

Many bloggers turn to lists of suggestions if they are stumped for a topic.

Here’s an extensive one – go ahead, take a look.

And here’s a cute answer-y type one – of sillier things.

Tutorial? Niche? Event commentary? Thank goodness I don’t know how to DO anything. I’m usually trying to be funny and failing and that is a full time occupation! I wouldn’t even know where to start with these lists that I found today.

So here’s MY thought ( okay, it’s #17 on the long list, sort of):

Let me know if YOU want to volunteer to do a post for SomeGoSoftly sometime – I just gave you 151 150 ideas! 😉

Real (Pain) Estate

For a while there when we lived in Austin nothing was more fun than looking at houses. MK had a Real Estate license, we had two other couples that would join us – looking for all three families, and when MK was making more money we were imagining paying top dollar for giant houses on acres of land. There was no limit to the time we’d spend out on weekends checking out 3000 square foot and above homes debating whether a pool or a four car garage was more important. We must have gone in every house that was for sale over a period of a few months.

We looked far and wide and realized that although we weren’t sure what we wanted, we weren’t finding it. Thus began our attempt to find what was missing by trying new cities. We drove around Seattle occasionally but didn’t really think it was for us either. The first time we were in San Diego we browsed the internet and learned that living in the greatest place on earth comes at a premium. So in Park City the idea came to us to find a house there to settle in and continue to live the beach lifestyle that we love by renting. I’m a big fan of this one. MK might have forgotten it.

Lately MK’s gotten the idea in his head that we need to buy something in San Diego. I’m not sure what this is all about. But after the time that has passed and the price difference from what we saw in Austin and what that computes to here – I’m so over it. For a ton more money, we’re reduced to condos and forclosure houses. Miserable ones. It stopped being fun when the questions now are like “Where would we take the laundry?” and “Think duct tape could fix that?”.

It’s not exactly like we think we deserve a house like this (no, really – click the link and look at that place) but something liveable would be nice. I hope MK gets over this silly idea instead of putting us in the wrong place!