Bad For Those Bad Eyes

There are many simple things that make me super happy in life. What can I say, I’m a simple girl at heart. I’ve told you about my love of having a BlackBerry here, here, and here. Recently, I’ve been super happy finding many new services on my BlackBerry. KD got me on googleTalk, so I can chat with my google/gmail buddies even on my phone. And the best one yet is a free online book reading app where I’m currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl (and loving it so far!). It scrolls and doesn’t bother my eyes as long as I have my glasses on (the ones I hate, still no new ones yet) even in the dark in the car last night.

Not only is this discovery probably bad for my eyes, it’s bad for my husband. He already hates me super engrossed in anything, even reading, too often. He also loves his BlackBerry, but only for google maps. He kinda has an aversion.

He yells at me if I’m on the phone too much, even if I’m making us dinner plans. Especially if we are around anyone else. Even if I’m talking to someone on the way. You know what I mean, right? I try to have etiquette and strike a balance, but sometimes it’s hard! And that phone can be a real lifesaver when you’re stuck doing something boring, say waiting for a plane. I’m excited about the books, now I don’t need a Kindle!

So here are my questions for you all going along with this theme:

  • Do you have a phone you’re addicted to?
  • If you do, what’s the best app/program?
  • Does someone else’s phone use drive you nuts?

6 thoughts on “Bad For Those Bad Eyes

  1. “I can chat with my google/gmail buddies even on my phone.”

    Should I point out that you could already chat with your friends on this device, because it’s a phone????

    Sorry, had to throw out some snark 🙂

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