Blog Block

Sometimes I sit down so worked up I can’t spew the thoughts out of my fingers fast enough. My spelling and grammar – okay, and content – usually sucks and comes out nothing like I was thinking when I began.

But of course there are times when I have nothing to say. If the days are quiet and I’m not in the middle of any crazy adventure, I try to tell a story. You might have noticed lately I’ve had a few posts categorized “Reminiscing”.

Many bloggers turn to lists of suggestions if they are stumped for a topic.

Here’s an extensive one – go ahead, take a look.

And here’s a cute answer-y type one – of sillier things.

Tutorial? Niche? Event commentary? Thank goodness I don’t know how to DO anything. I’m usually trying to be funny and failing and that is a full time occupation! I wouldn’t even know where to start with these lists that I found today.

So here’s MY thought ( okay, it’s #17 on the long list, sort of):

Let me know if YOU want to volunteer to do a post for SomeGoSoftly sometime – I just gave you 151 150 ideas! 😉


8 thoughts on “Blog Block

  1. Weird. There was nothing about zombies on that list. I say do a photo-journalism post about 20 things that you see on a daily basis.

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