Bad Planning

Just decided to do a week of “Bad”s. On a Wednesday. See title. 😉

One thing I’m really not good at is making a plan. Maybe schedule is the word I’m looking for. I used to have post-it’s everywhere at work (anyone?). That was the way to get through the day. MR and I were talking about paper lists. I had one every day. But it never made me a better planner.

I was also famous for saying yes to more than one thing, but never on purpose. That is not the habit of a good planner! A good planner doesn’t double book, right???

Have you realized that it’s almost the end of summer? Especially here in San Diego, that means there are a thousand new super fun things to do in the next three weekends. We’re all trying to cram in the last bits of good times.

But we can’t concentrate on that! We have to decide where to move to! But wait! We have to think about this weekend! And the future! And babies! Just kidding – but you know what I mean.

How do you keep a plan?

There’s the immediate future. And the “Can you?” from a drunk friend at the bar. And the laundry. And your biological clock. It’s just starting to hit us there are a lot of timetables to be on – and we’re not on any of them! There’s still so much we were planning on we haven’t even done yet, and with every move, time is running out…


7 thoughts on “Bad Planning

  1. Sweetie, relax. You’re making yourself sick with worry. Take one thing at a time. Start with what YOU really want to plan for yourself right now? oxox

  2. Wow… this post is giving me that “exams start next week” feeling. Uncalled for, Missy!

    *Somebody* needs some sweet tea vodka and lemonade. 😉

    Call me!

  3. You still have plenty of time to do all that. I understand the sentiment though. As I neared and passed the 3-0 mark, I was (and am still) obsessing over what I want to do with my life. We still have several places we want to visit, things to do, career milestones approaching, biological clocks ticking… I mean, it was a traumatic (I am talking tears inducing) decision whether to buy a 2 or 4 door car. How lame is that?

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