Good Better Best

How many people in your life make you want to be a better person? Too often, I think, I get in a rut of behavior and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what the future could hold, what is most important to me in life. We play and goof off and enjoy the present – which I think is totally acceptable – but we also let go of a lot in order to have that fun.

MK and I have made a ton of friends here that are bar buddies. You totally need those friends, but those friends don’t fly to visit you and make you think about your life. They will show up for the Inner2bapalooza, but they’ll get drunk and make you lose your husband. They won’t understand when that bothers you like a good friend will. But a good friend will also tell you when to get over it sometimes. We left so many of those friends behind when we left Austin, and that’s no fun.

For all that and more – hanging out with my friends, talking me through my issues, and just being such a cool person I can’t be happier we met – I totally wasn’t surprised when I had the uncontrollable out of nowhere sniffles after I put KD on the plane. She was probably ready to go – but I wasn’t ready to let her! Thank you, lady, for being so incredible!


10 thoughts on “Good Better Best

  1. This totally makes me think about the fun all 3 of us had during my last few hours in Austin during SXSW – and the trip to the airport. I can’t believe the 3 of us didn’t hang out more when I still lived there!

  2. KD – Good chills like you know how awesome you’ve been to my life or bad chills like how creepy I’m writing all about my undying love? 😉
    Sybo – I didn’t know KD back then but sure wish I did. And trust me, you’re a friend like this too!

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