Can’t Sit Still

Apparently, over the last 11 months, I have lost the ability to be on the computer and not on the internet. Finding this makes me think I need to pull the connection. Also, the ability to write. Really, I can’t sit still. I thought a new place would make me comfortable in spending hours at the computer. I’m getting up earlier than I ever did in Seattle. But I can’t relax. There’s too much to do.

Well, there’s not, but I keep finding things. I can’t decompress and get out of this world long enough to write anything coherent. It’s supposed to just eventually happen, but as we all know, I don’t have forever. The deadline is the point. I wish that would register in my busy little brain.

But nooooo. I’m making new friends, reading new blogs, playing Scrabble. Failing at time management. Becoming easily distracted. Busy bee.

hamster wheel

If husband were to give me a performance evaluation, it’d go like this.

“Well, you’re making dinner – check, going to the gym – check, so well, the whole real reason I let you quit working was to get famous. How are your books coming? Oh really? FAIL.

You’re fired from not working. Get off your blog and go get a job.”

NANO TOTAL: 4283 words.
NaBlo Day 8: Check.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Sit Still

  1. The internet is a horrible distraction. My pen and ink artwork is practically nil these days because of all my time at the computer. I wouldn’t pull the plug on the computer, but maybe you should get an internet timer that disconnects you after a couple of hours?

  2. Wait, you can use computers without using the Internet?

    What could you possibly do other than have a word processor tell you that the “I” in “Internet” should be capitalized? 😛

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