Real (Pain) Estate

For a while there when we lived in Austin nothing was more fun than looking at houses. MK had a Real Estate license, we had two other couples that would join us – looking for all three families, and when MK was making more money we were imagining paying top dollar for giant houses on acres of land. There was no limit to the time we’d spend out on weekends checking out 3000 square foot and above homes debating whether a pool or a four car garage was more important. We must have gone in every house that was for sale over a period of a few months.

We looked far and wide and realized that although we weren’t sure what we wanted, we weren’t finding it. Thus began our attempt to find what was missing by trying new cities. We drove around Seattle occasionally but didn’t really think it was for us either. The first time we were in San Diego we browsed the internet and learned that living in the greatest place on earth comes at a premium. So in Park City the idea came to us to find a house there to settle in and continue to live the beach lifestyle that we love by renting. I’m a big fan of this one. MK might have forgotten it.

Lately MK’s gotten the idea in his head that we need to buy something in San Diego. I’m not sure what this is all about. But after the time that has passed and the price difference from what we saw in Austin and what that computes to here – I’m so over it. For a ton more money, we’re reduced to condos and forclosure houses. Miserable ones. It stopped being fun when the questions now are like “Where would we take the laundry?” and “Think duct tape could fix that?”.

It’s not exactly like we think we deserve a house like this (no, really – click the link and look at that place) but something liveable would be nice. I hope MK gets over this silly idea instead of putting us in the wrong place!


12 thoughts on “Real (Pain) Estate

  1. That wasn’t so much a conversation as you egging along your BIL with fanicful ideas of ways to ghetto up these crappy places even more than they are. No moats, no disco balls, no trebuchets.

  2. That’s funny… I was under the impression (also given directly by the same two people) that they’d NEVER go back to Austin. At least not for a permanent residence.

    I think you guys should just buy a nice RV and live your lives on the road.

  3. I think the RV idea is awesome, Trish. That way they could spend 3 mths in SD, 3 in PC, 3 in Austin, and 3 in Denver. And to CT on the holidays.

  4. I like the buy in PC, rent in SD idea. especially if you’re renting a place on the water, and I can use it when you aren’t. 🙂

  5. Craig, you couldn’t afford the rent – we’d only rent 6 mos. I swear sometimes we should just do the whole RV thing – some of the RV parks out here are right on the water…
    How about we just go where ever someone wills us a house?
    We were thinking about a mass mailing along the lines of “Are you rich? Hate your family? Wanna SHOW THEM? Give us your house when you die! They’ll be shocked! Teach them a lesson from the afterlife.”
    Too much?

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