Bad Marketing

The more I think about what I want to do with myself I think about what I’ve done. I’ve been blogging badly for four years now. It didn’t make me famous. I’ve been running around on the internet looking for ways to think of a next big something. I’ve written books I’m too chicken to show anyone (that’s where all the chicken references come from in case that made no sense).

My sales pitch might be the problem. “Tastes like chicken” might not be the most thoughtful tagline. I’ve been thinking about what to put on my resume for how lazy I’ve been the last three years – I never thought “housewife” could be me until I watched those Bravo shows and realized you don’t need to do crap to be called a “housewife”. We joked about getting business cards- Realtors keep asking MK for one and we both laugh. What we he do with those? Build card towers? It would have his name and email, which is his name. And maybe his phone number, which ironically is also his name.



Can you tagline yourself? What would your tagline be? “Hard worker”? “Mother of 18”? “Boisterous”? “Business oriented with a goal of success and growth in an emerging new media industry”? Tell me in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Bad Marketing

  1. “Eats, shoots and leaves”
    “None of the virtues you detest and all of the vices you admire”
    “Flosses with the electric fence”
    “Hand-picked by Juan Valdez”
    “From the deep end of the gene pool”
    “Has six-minute abs”
    “Will ro-sham-bo for food”
    “Loved by squirrels”
    “All the benefits of carbon nanotubes without the baggage”

  2. I got here by accident — but stayed! You say you’re blogging badly, but you have a following, so you can’t be doing it too badly. Give yourself some credit!

    “YOU UNSTUCK” might help you move forward by helping you to be a bit more of a risk-taker. It’s completely geared at helping people get out of their rut, whatever rut they might be in, with steps and a process to get you moving forward. It’s for people who KNOW they want to get somewhere else, but don’t necessarily know how, just like you. She helps you take smaller risks, leading to bigger ones, and helps you start moving past your fears into where you want to be.

    Good luck! Andgood luck with the tagline, too — I’m currently involved with coming up with the names for a publication, and I’ve decided to put it in my mind’s back burner for now, hoping that will help.

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