Better Or Worse?

When we were chillin’ chilly style up in Utah, I mentioned (more than once, I think, but only found this time) the crazy liquor laws. And it went beyond that. Not being able to drink on election day. Really NEEDING a drink one night and not being able to get one. Inviting guests and forcing them to BYOB (BTOB, I guess).

So I’m in CVS yesterday, and I’m realizing California is basically the polar opposite. You have to gamble to get this much booze thrown at you. It’s everywhere. You can buy huge crazy bottles of anything you want at the grocery store. At CVS. I noticed it in particular because the CVS advertises so crazy. CVS just took over Long’s drug stores out here. They had no awnings. CVS put these awnings up “Liquor”, “Photos”, “Liquor”, “Pharmacy”, “Liquor”. All around the building. So if you’re visiting from a normal state that doesn’t sell booze EVERYWHERE – you know you don’t have to go to A LIQUOR STORE, you just go to CVS. Makeup, check. Toothpaste, check. Handle of rum, check. And it’s Sunday. At midnight.

So, is it better or worse? I should think it’s awesome after going virtually dry right? I can always throw a cocktail party. But for some reason I think it’s totally crazy. Some WalMart’s have better wine steals than BevMo. And of course I have to hit up Trader Joe’s for the Two Buck Chuck. It was almost easier in Utah, where everything was in one place. You knew what your choices were and you dealt with it. Here we’re running around price comparing things. Don’t even get me started on the CostCo giant sized bottles of Vodka in my kitchen right now (I’ve lost count). It’s crazy. Are they trying to keep us so drunk we don’t notice how broke the state is…?


8 thoughts on “Better Or Worse?

  1. IT’S BETTER IN CALIFORNIA! Sheesh, I can’t even believe you asked. The liquor laws here are insane. It pisses me off to have to patronize a government-run establishment if I want to make margaritas. It’s not a “choice” when the alternative is watered-down beer or nothing at all! I would welcome the opportunity to compare the price of wine at Smith’s and Albertson’s, or be able to pick up a six-pack of REAL beer at my neighborhood gas station.

    Maybe we’ll move to Idaho….

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