Sheer Desperation

This is my first time attempt at blogging from my Blackberry. Yes, you read that right. My fingers are already sore, that’s how much I love you. Typos don’t count for 48 hours.

MK is totally not sharing his computer with me. Apparently it’s only for work. (What IS that? I hate four letter words!). But I have a life too! And while Dell is sitting around playing Ms. Pac-Man on MY laptop – I’m forced into a little ‘Rev Run’ act of typing this much on this silly little keyboard (he does it in the tub on his show, I’m on the couch).

I really don’t know what is going on in the world without my computer. I can’t get the latest Jon and Kate news, or even know what’s going on locally! It’s a little funny, but I thrive on my social networking and I’m feeling a little out of the loop!

UPDATED TO ADD: Hey, I didn’t do too bad! MK saw this and about died. Hence new shiny blog post above, via computer. 😉


One thought on “Sheer Desperation

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